So, we all did it… well at least i hope you all did. We enjoyed xmas with friends and family and ate a little more than usual. Great, wasn’t it!

However, you’re probably feeling a little bloated, maybe sluggish and just want a damn vegetable lol You’ve stood on the scales and put on “LOADS” of weight. Maybe a LB or two, or even 4, 5, 6 or 9lb over the past 7 days! You’re panicking, you’re upset, feeling guilty, ashamed and now want to starve yourself for a week or even go on a stupid “detox” diet to try and lose this weight…


We have to look at the science of what is happening here and then be open minded to how quickly status quo is going to resume.

Lets look at the facts first…

– To gain 1lb of fat, you MUST be in a calorie surplus of 3,500kcal. That means, on top of what your RMR (resting metabolic rate) is, you would have had to consume 3,500kcal MORE to gain 1lb of fat.

– 1gram of carbohydrate consumed will store 4grams (or ml) or water. Meaning that if you eat 250grams of carbs then your body weight will go up by 1kg.

Take note of the term BODY WEIGHT here and NOT BODY FAT!

Body weight and body fat are two different things – sometimes linked, but certainly not exclusive to one another.

So, with all this in mind, lets take a look at all the types of food you ate over xmas….

The chances are, it was mainly carbs. Spuds, veg, bread, wine, beer, chocolates, ice creams etc etc

This means that the consumption of all these carbs are going to lead to a MASS storage of water within the muscle cells and body fat. Also, lets take into account the added salt that you no doubt also consumed and this will also lead to water weight storage.

You no doubt also consumed far more calories than you normally would too. However, if you put on 5lbs of weight over xmas, do you really think that you ate 17,250 calories ON TOP of what you would normally eat for it to be stored as fat?

Probably not. In fact, its highly unlikely you got anywhere near that much.

My presumption would be that you may have put on 1 or 2lbs of added body fat but far far far more body weight in water stored in the muscles.

SOOOO, with all this in mind, should you really feel ashamed, guilty or upset that your scales have gone up by 2, 3, 4 or even 9lbs over the past 7 days…..? NO!

Why? Well, water weight is so EASY to get rid of and those scales will plummet without no time once you get back to your healthy lifestyle diet and being active and working out.

Whatever you do, do not crash diet or detox diet. Its simply not healthy or worth it. Give it 7-10 days of eating back to normal and being active and i assure you that not only will the water fall away, but you will probably burn off those few added pounds you actually put on in fat too.

What do you do if you dont have a good lifestyle diet or workout plan? Well, you email me or any other coach worth their bread and butter. I’d be happy to recommend some if in doubt too.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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