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Leanne C- My Experience 2014


After embarking on a ‘Lean to Leaner’ Challenge in January 2014 this year, I decided to study the role gender can have with regards to ‘Health and Nutrition’ and ‘Fat Loss’.  In particular why women store fat around the hips, thighs and legs, and what we can do about it.

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As you may know, both women and men can store and metabolise fat in different ways to each other. So here I will discuss my findings. Women in general, are more effective at fat storage than men and subsequently carry more fat than men. Note that these are in ‘general statements however are worthy of taking note and understanding of. Women will store body fat on the hips, buttocks and legs where as men who gain weight, this will usually be on the upper body. This resulting in men being more likely to develop visceral fat (abdominal fat linked to metabolic syndrome).

So here I will take a look at myself in January 2014.

LC Jan 14

After having callipered fat readings taken, I began the challenge at around 20% BF reading.

More interestingly were the fat site readings obtained.

tricep- 12

abdomen- 15

supra- 8

thigh- 33




I had the classic broad statement here that I did in fact store the majority of fat on my lower body, with a imbalanced reading of 33 on the thigh compared to the other sites.

Research scientists have found that oestrogen signals the body to hold on to the extra (lbs) especially around the thighs and hips, so this now lead me to research oestrogen, effective metabolism of oestrogen and effective methods to reduce lower body fat which I will discuss in turn via my blogs over the coming weeks.

Women can burn fat differently to men, upperbody fat will be the fist location to loose fat, while lower body fat tends to stay put. This was evident in the readings I had to start with, upper body wise I had less fat to loose whilst on my lower body I had a lot of work to be done.

Before I go any further, I must make it clear that ‘women’ store body fat in this area for specific reasons. Such as fat stores during pregnancy, and can be a sign of health.

However, my goal in this instance is to effectively reduce lower body fat, leading to a leaner and more proportioned body over the 12 week period.

So what did I look like toward the end of the 12 week period? (10 week progress pic)

10 week


I have 2 weeks remaining on the 12 week challenge, however here are my results so far.

a BF reading of 14%

tricep- 10

abdomen- 7

supra- 7

thigh- 26





Lower body fat is reduced, but upper body fat seeming reduced quicker.

So far in my quest for a more proportioned lower body and leaner legs, I have concluded that oestrogen plays a vital role in my fat storage (as in most women). It is seemingly ‘easier’ to create a leaner look on top as opposed to leaner legs and thus requires ‘nutritional knowledge’ for effective oestrogen metabolism and ‘training knowledge’ is vital, what style of training works best to combat this ‘problem area’?

Over the coming weeks I will share with you.

  • Nutrition and Supplements I have used to effectively metabolise oestrogen
  • Training Styles I have used in the mission for Leaner Legs and to reduce lower body fat

My methods are not exhaustive, but examples of tried and tested methods that worked for me in my mission for a leaner lower body.

Leanne C

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  1. Amy says:

    Hi Leanne

    I have just looked at your page and found this very interesting, I also carry weight around my hips, bum, legs. Just wondering if you do any diet work out plans. I train at the Lions den regularly and that as helped me loads, I am now struggling to push a bit further with these areas of my body.



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