How many times have you heard ‘I hate Monday’s’, ‘The weekend has gone too quick’, ‘I can’t wait to get Monday out of the way’  – quite often I can imagine! Why do people say this and how can their words be turned around…

Case of the mondays?

Monday-Friday can often be been seen as a working week and the weekend as a time to relax and let your hair down. However, from what was the norm of going shopping with friends and having a Sunday family roast dinner has turned into binge drinking, hangovers and Thursday now being classed as the ‘New Friday’. People are starting their weekend on a Thursday, rolling into work to go through the motions on Friday and then stepping it up come Friday evening. Why is this happening??

Peer pressure, boredom, lack of motivation and not enough education are a few things that come to my mind! Let’s take someone that works in an office, let’s call him Bob. It is nearing the end of Thursday afternoon and Bob is working hard on getting his report done when three of his colleagues ask him to go for a couple of drinks after work. Bob refuses first of all because he knows how important this report is and needs to complete it by lunchtime Friday. His work colleagues egg him into going out and Bob can feel the pressure mounting and doesn’t want to feel antisocial. Bob goes out. How do you think Bob felt later that night, the next day and even over the weekend?

The story continues…

Bob had 2 shots, 5 beers, a kebab and a large portion of chips. He got back home at 3am Friday morning. His alarm goes off at 6.30am, Bob snoozes his alarm until 7.30am. He realises the time and chucks some clothes on, forgets to take any food with him and rocks up at work 1 minute before the boss. I think you can see where this story is going……

Peer pressure is massive and it really doesn’t need to be – it simply is having that courage to say NO. Once you get into that mindset that you don’t have to go out on the town to have a good time and your goals are important to YOU – you will be less like Bob.

Boredom and lack of motivation can allow a person to slip into bad habits – one of these could be binge eating. It could be Saturday night and there is not a lot on TV, your partner is over a friends watching the football and you are feeling peckish (but you are probably not really hungry). Next moment you are raiding the cupboards and 1 hour later you feel full and sick. Sunday comes and you feel guilty but you can’t resist that left over piece of pizza from the night before and you are not feeling like cooking so a takeaway seems a convenient option.

That is where Life Changing Fitness come in!! We are here to educate you and give you a spring in your step when that alarm go’s off on Monday morning. We have a team of coaches who can offer personalised online coaching where we can teach you about food, training, mindset and much more.

Look after YOU and make a change now!!


Leah Paulley – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach



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