What you should look for in a good Online Coach/Trainer

What you should look for in an Online Coach/Trainer

What i love about my job is simple… every single day i get to play a part in my clients new life journey. Life Changing Fitness have a number of clients, both online & offline and we pride ourselves on the support we offer as well as the results we deliver.

However, as a consumer, what should YOU look for in a good online coach/trainer?

What you should look for in an Online Coach/Trainer

Doing a simple online search for “fat loss coach” or “online coach” will bring up 1000s of “coaches/trainers”… i use the quotation marks wisely, as most of them aren’t worth their weight in toilet paper, let alone gold.

I was once a consumer looking for an online coach to start my journey, and i’m now proud to say that i’ve evolved into being a coach myself – so i feel that i’m in a good position to give YOU some valuable advice on what to look for in an online coach/trainer.


This is an important factor for anyones decision. Given the current climate, its arguably the most important factor for most people. However, why is this monetary value so important to YOU as a consumer?

As a coach, let me tell you that our time is valuable. It’s our business/livelihood and what pays our bills after all. Therefore, if you go online and find a coach that is offering a diet plan/workout plan for £50 – you can rest assured that this isn’t going to be bespoke to you and your goals!

These “coaches” are in it to make a quick buck and thrive off the desperate. A fancy marketing page, some well worded phrases like “drop 10kg in 2 weeks” is enough to get most people to part with £50, however i assure you this will be wasted money!

#WheelerTip – Find out what you are getting for the advertised service, then make a judgement if the time and effort you believe to go into this is really worth the advertised value.



They say a photo tells a thousand words…. this couldn’t be more true!

Lets face it – you want results! You are investing your time, effort and money into changing your life and want to be assured that the coach you choose has experience and proven success. If the coach can’t show you transformation photos, or at the very least written testimonials, then you can rest assured they probably don’t have much experience or have little-to-no knowledge in order to make those transformations for you or others.

Its also, however, very easy to fake a catalogue of testimonials. Some online coaches even steal other coaches hard earned clients photos – i’ve unfortunately been victim of this myself.

#WheelerTip – Look for testimonials from people which have names that you can do a quick Facebook search on. It takes 2 seconds to validate someone from Facebook – 90% of people these days are on Facebook, and if one particular transformation client from a coach isn’t on Facebook, you would argue at least one of them should be.

Lastly – its also very easy for an online coach to FAKE the before photos of their clients, or even amend the photos to make them look worse to begin with, so that the end results looks even better.

#WheelerTip – Look for transformation photos where the before and after photos are in the same lighting conditions, preferably the same locations backgrounds. Also look for photoshop editing, like blurring or fading. In the after photos, look for increased contrast editing and skin tone enhancements.

If you want to, and you should be, really thorough – try and contact the coaches clients and ask them if their photos are accurate. Ask the coach for their client contact details so you can email/speak to them. If the client has agreed to be advertised on this coaches site, then they are usually fine with being contacted with their prior permission. A coach should be happy to help here….. if indeed the photos are accurate and their experience with the coach was a good one!


Contact/Company Details

This is a subtle one, but an important one. How does the coach want you to contact them? Do they have a number on the site? Do they have a credible email address? Do they advertise a business address? Do they have a registered company? These are all things to look out for when testing the credibility of an online coach.

#WheelerTip 1 – If they have a GoogleMail/Hotmail/Yahoo account, they probably can’t afford a proper website domain name. A website domain, and therefore a proper email address, costs about £10 these days. If a coach can’t even invest in his own shop window, the chances are he won’t be investing in you that well.

#WheelerTip 2 – Do they advertise a registered company number/name? If not, why not? Search for them on companies house – its free! If they don’t have a company, then they are a one man band looking for a quick buck in my opinion. No company = no company insurance = not safe for you!

#WheelerTip 3 – If there is no phone number for you to call them, why not? Why are they hiding away from speaking to their future clients?



This, in my opinion, is HANDS DOWN THE MOST IMPORTANT factor for any consumer. However, the chances are you won’t get to know the true extent of the value of your coaches support until you have paid for their services – which is why all the above research is important first!

As a consumer starting out on any journey, you will have SOOO many questions. I try to offer all my clients as many FAQ questions as possible, but even then most clients have their own unique questions for their own bespoke plans.

Its VITAL that you get all the support that you need for your new journey. This means email support. Txt support. Facebook support. twitter support. phone support. Skype support. You name it, if there is a way to contact your coach, they should be on your beckon call if you are paying for any good level of service.

Social Media

This, again, is an important one. An online coach can very easily appear to be very successful/popular by how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers they have. However, don’t be fooled by someones 10,000 twitter followers or 15,000 Facebook likes. A lot of the time, these are FAKE followers and can be easily purchased for a few pounds. Lets face it… you have to be a very popular, established, coach to have 15,000 or more followers…..!

#WheelerTip 1 – If your online coach has a twitter account, use this site to check their fake followers volume – http://fakers.statuspeople.com/ – Simply type in their account into the search box and the website checks the number of fake accounts they have. Anything over 10-15% FAKE followers, and you really should ask yourself how/why they have got so many followers that are fake?

#WheelerTip 2 – If your online coach has a Facebook account, be sure to check out the number of LIKES compared to the number of “talking about” number. This, again, is a good indication of how many fake followers they have purchased. If they have 15,000 LIKES but only 500 people are “talking” about them…. ask why? Why so many likes, but such little engagement? You should ideally be looking for a 5-to-1 ratio of LIKES to “talking about”. Ideally higher than 4-to-1 if possible.

Also, be sure to look out for their posts on Facebook…. if the coach has 15,000 followers, but their posts are only getting 20-50 likes, again ask why? If 15,000 people “like” their page, surely a lot of them are likely to LIKE their posts? Aren’t they?



I hope all the above has been helpful for you. Please do be careful when selecting an online coach – your money, time and more importantly health is on the line and you should be choosing the right coach for YOU and YOUR goals.

To conclude – look for value for money, but not too cheap. Look for contact details. Look for company information/history. Look for client testimonials and proof their services work and lastly ensure that you get the right level of support so that you are not alone throughout your journey.

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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