• Have you ever competed before, but didn't enjoy it?
  • Did you have a bad prep?
  • Did you feel unhealthy when you competed?
  • Were you doing hours of cardio a week still not losing body fat?
  • We're you starving all day and not getting anywhere?
  • Did someone tell you, you had to take drugs in order to compete?
  • Wonder whether water manipulation for the 'peak week' was really necessary?
  • Want to increase your knowledge on nutrition, training and supplements?
  • Feel you were in the wrong federation?
  • Do you know what the term 'reverse diet' means and why it's essential to prep?

If you said YES to any of the above... then this camp is a must!

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Life Changing Fitness has teamed up with industry experts in nutrition, training, tanning, stage make up and posing to bring you the ultimate weekend for everything you could possibly need to know about healthy competition prep for your Bikini stage goals.

They will take you through everything you possibly need to know about competing in your competition.

Who will be there on the day?

Daniel Wheeler

Director & Founder of Life Changing Fitness, Daniel's expert knowledge and years of training enable his team to create the Bikini Pro's of tomorrow. 85% of Daniel's Bikini competitors are winning their classes and even becoming Pro Athletes in the competing world. He instills a healthy mindset meaning that all of his bikini athletes have remained clients of Life Changing Fitness. Daniel coaches clients through Bikini prep in the healthiest way possible and also brings them out of the prep after the competition is over.

Tom Brazier

Tom studied Sports Science and Nutrition at University and played semi-professional rugby. In his early training career he was involved in fitness based physique competitions before stepping on stage with the WBFF in Orlando, 2013. He took first place and his pro card in the Muscle Model Category. Tom has been coaching and transforming physiques for 14 years, 10 with competitors. With his comprehensive knowledge of nutrition and the latest training strategies he ensures his clients always look their best on stage. He coaches the best physiques in the Industry and with 43 Pro cards and over 50 top 5 placings, he is recognised as one of the leading Comp Prep Coaches in the World.

Hayley Clough

Hayley is a Pro Bikini Athlete on a fitness mission! She believes that girls should be healthy when they step on stage, which is the main reason she has decided to partner up with Life Changing Fitness' Bikini Camp, to enable aspiring athletes to step on stage with the knowledge that they are the healthiest athlete up there with a great team behind them!!

La Diva Designs

Veronique Rees created La Diva Designs after struggling to find unique, sophisticated competition suits to wear on stage. Having competed herself since April 2013 becoming WBFF and Miami Pro champions she knows exactly what having the perfect bikini means to her clients. She gets to know the athletes individually and every item is custom made to make sure it really shows off their unique personality and suits them in every way possible. Veronique knows exactly how important attention to detail can be when a women wants to enhance all of her best assets on stage!

Yasmin and Georgia

Make-up Artists

Yasmin and Georgia are two professional makeup artists providing you with the finishing touches towards your winning package for the stage! Both working as successful freelance makeup artists for special occasions, bridal, prom and fitness competitions have combined skills together and 6 years experience to bring you glam creations.

Get Bronzed

The 'Get Bronzed Team' (Laura, Charlotte & Kayley) know everything there is to know about getting you that perfect competition tan!! They know exactly what each federation is looking for when it comes to that famous stage glow from first time contestants to pro athletes. Get Bronzed is now the go-to tan for hundreds of competitors and they are the official tanners for Pure Elite, Miami Pro, UK Ultimate Physiques and many more! They also provide tans for UKBFF and WBFF.

Simon Howard

Simon Howard has over 20 years of experience in the business. He knows exactly what angle, what pose and what light will enhance your natural physique to make you look your best. Having modelled himself, he has the experience and knowledge not only to capture the best shot of you, but also to coach you in the best ways to move with the camera and select the best poses. Simon has had numerous worldwide publications and some of his best work is of the biggest names in fitness.


Holly Howells

Holly Howells: Pure Elite Queen! Holly picked up her Pro Card last year after embarking on her Bikini journey with Daniel Wheeler and Life Changing Fitness. With Holly's determination and Daniel's experience in keeping his girls in tip top shape and at full health, Holly was sure to become a Champ!! Holly picked up her Pro Card in her début to the stage. She now hopes to continue her winning streak at the upcoming 2016 competitions.

Chloe Francis

Chloe Francis: 20 year old Chloe smashed onto the bikini scene following her win and Pro Card status at her first Bikini contest, Miami Pro, in April 2015. Coached by Daniel Wheeler, and mentored by Audrey Kaipio for her posing, Chloe was on the right track to success. Chloe's amazing physique and outstanding posing went on to see her pick up her Pro Card and Bikini Diva status at the coveted WBFF competition in November of last year. Chloe will now be heading to Toronto in August 2016 to compete in the Worlds!

Kirstie Riddle

Kirstie Nicole Riddle: Kirstie first competed in 2014 where she placed 4th in the Bikini Fitness category with UKBFF. Along with working full time for Life Changing Fitness, Kirstie's ethos is that everyone stepping on stage should be fit, happy and most importantly HEALTHY! Her background in performance and of course fitness allows her to give advice to anyone looking to compete with Life Changing Fitness as their support.

Izabela Szymanska

Izabela Szymanska: is a Life Changing Fitness Contest Prep Coach. With several competitions of her own under her belt, including a 5th place at the Amateur Olympia she has a wealth of experience working with the LCF Bikini competitors. Izabela's drive and passion to succeed means she is the perfect coach for an aspiring Bikini athlete.

Hayley Clough

Hayley Clough: Hayley is a Pro Bikini Athlete on a fitness mission! She believes that girls should be healthy when they step on stage, which is the main reason she has decided to partner up with Life Changing Fitness' Bikini Camp, to enable aspiring athletes to step on stage with the knowledge that they are the healthiest athlete up there with a great team behind them!!

Holly, Chloe, Kirstie, Hayley and Izabela will also be there helping us show you how they became pros, why they're the healthiest girls on stage, why they pose the best and why they're a massive inspiration for thousands of women around the world.


The camp is a 2 day seminar.

The first day

The first day is theory based where you will learn everything you possibly need to know about nutrition, supplements, training and peak week.

The second

The second day is a theory and posing day - this day involves a 2 hour posing session with The Champion Maker Audrey Kaipio. You'll need your bikinis and heals for this day if you want to get involved, but you are also more than welcome to just watch.






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Front row seating

A customised LCF & BAA training top

Private dinner

1 hour consultation


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What to bring on the day

  • Being July, it should be warm but Caveman Training is a large warehouse hanger gym and can get chilly so come prepared
  • Any food that you need for the day. There will only be light refreshments on the day due to the number of people attending
  • Pad and Pen to take notes, or iPad
  • Plenty of water to keep hydrated
  • For the second day, Sunday, please bring a bikini and heals to join bikini posing with Audrey.
PLEASE NOTE - your condition or shape is of no relevance here. There will be women of all shapes and sizes who want to learn about posing, so please don't think that its only designed for women who are in prep condition

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The Holiday Inn Express is approximately 6 minutes from Caveman and about 10 minutes away from restaurants, shops etc. The price for a room for a single person is £ 79.20, with breakfast included and free on site parking.

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If you want to compete in the major federations there is nothing else in the world, like this, that will help you reach your Bikini Competition goals.