Every girl wants ‘That Bum’ but getting it isn’t easy.

Great glutes

The most important thing to figure out is how to activate your glutes so when performing various glute exercises, you may find that you feel it in other areas such as your back or quads. If you are quad dominant then it will be especially hard as the more dominant muscle will always try to take over the load so doing exercises such as Squats, lunges, step ups, Bulgarian split squats and even hips thrust need to be trained a lot less if wanted to develop the glutes rather than your legs.

Same goes for hamstrings, if these are also quite developed then doing exercises such as RDL’s, legs curls of any kind, deadlifts and back extensions will all lead to higher hamstring activation which again will make it harder to start to fire up those glutes!

If you want your glutes to develop without your legs getting any bigger then you need to perform glute only focused exercises such as barbell glute bridge, American deadlifts, single leg glute thrusts and cable pull throughs. Throw in some kettle bell swings when doing your conditioning as this is a great way to get a sweat on whilst still working on ‘That Bum’, but just remember to squeeze!!

Before your work out it’s always a good idea to do a few rounds of glute activation exercises to fire them up!

Start with:

Squeeze that bum!

Mind to muscle contraction is so important so be able to contract your glutes is the first thing to master. All you need to do is squeeze as hard as you can for around 10 seconds and with 20-30 seconds rest in between, repeat another 4 times. Once you’ve managed this, start trying to contract in different positions… This is harder than it sounds!

When performing any glute exercise, really concentrate on the mind to muscle contraction. It can take a while to start feeling it and can even take months but with practice it will come and once you have it, it makes every exercises worth it when you can feel what you are working!

Stretch out hip flexors:

  • Tight hip flexors inhibit the glutes. A good way of doing this is to:
  • Lie on the floor with hip width apart
  • Put a band or belt around the knees
  • As you come up to a glute bride, push the band out.
  • This will give maximal hip extension at the top

Fire them up! 2-3 sets x 15-20 reps on each leg of the following:

  • Single leg elevated hip thrust
  • Side lying clams
  • Side lying hip abductions
  • Banded crab walks

Always remember to lift as heavy as you can but with good form. This is especially important if you want to get those glutes to grow as the second that weight is that little bit too heavy and your form isn’t on point, all those other muscles will come in to assist and you’ll loose that overall glute contraction.


Sinead Bailey – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach


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