START DATE: 5TH SEP, 2012 / END DATE: 26TH OCT, 2012


AFTER: 71.5 KG



Why I decided to do the plan

I took the plan up having put on a few excess pounds over a number of years. Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t an obese, fitness shy fatty; I mountain bike, road cycle, play football, run, go to the gym and enjoy keeping active as it’s a part of my lifestyle. I’d put on the pounds as I liked a few drinks on the weekend and didn’t have the healthiest of diets. I’d seen my weight get up to 80kgs and although I have a muscular build, I had a little puppy fat round the edges I wanted to shift and having seen Dan’s transformation, I was hopeful the plan would have great results for me.

The food plan?

I won’t go into much detail on the foods, portions or frequency I was eating as I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that the food I was recommended to eat went down really well and was arguably the best I’d eaten in my life –certainly the most healthy!! After a few days I got used to making my evening meal alongside two of the meals for the next day and was cooking it all in less than 15 mins. All I needed to prepare outside of this was a mid-morning snack (no prep!) and breakfast which took 5 mins. I was eating 5 times a day and probably eating more than I did normally; just this time I was eating correctly and what I now understand to be eating a ‘clean’ diet. At first this was strange to eat so much food and so many times a day but I soon got used to it and I never felt hungry. The food was  tasty, nutritious and gave me the energy to get through my day with ease, work out twice a day (depending on the day of my plan) and get along with life no problem at all. I actually felt like I had more energy than ever before!

The exercise?

In terms of exercise, I was cycling 4 mornings a week (a favourite past time of mine so was relatively fun too) and I also spent 4 evenings doing weights as well as 1 ‘extra’ workout on a Sunday afternoon. In reality, I didn’t do the Sunday afternoon workout many times as I was either on a mountain bike ride outside of my plan, or away for the weekend that prevented me from doing it, but hopefully that didn’t have too much of a negative impact. I had to get up at 6.30 each morning which was a shock at first, but soon it became a habit and a cycle in the morning was a great way to wake up and get me energised for the day ahead.

The workout intensity of evening weights was totally different to what I was used to. I was used to 10 reps x 3 getting heavier as I went through with as much of a break/chat as I wanted. With Dan’s plan, I was limiting the restperiods and lifting lighter weights than ever before but doing many more reps! It felt strange at first leaving the big dumbbells to one side, watching people beside me knock out twice the weight but I was confident in what the plan was telling me to do, having read the theory behind it all in the pack. The weight sessions left my muscles feeling like they’d had a great workout and pushed beyond what I had previously put them through with my new ‘short’ rest periods between sets.

I saw a difference in the weights I could push throughout the program and Dan’s plan ensured I worked every muscle group effectively with only 4 gym sessions per week. Combined with weightloss, I saw an increase in muscle definition, but understand that I’m on a calorie defecit plan so was never really going to put on much bulk!

Weight loss

I started at 79.8kgs and saw results immediately – you just have to look at the graph to see how quickly weight dropped on the plan.

Paul H graph

Now I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t stick to the plan 100%. In terms of workouts I did 99% of them, but I couldn’t stick to the diet due to work and weekend commitments. What you can see clearly on the chart is how cheating at weekends added water weight that then took me a couple of days to shift, but taking these out, there is a clear trend that my weight absolutely plummeted on the plan.

At week 7, I had lost over 10% of my body weight, going from 79.8kgs to 71.6kgs; 8.2kgs or 18lbs of fat loss and I maintained that to the end of the plan as I had a cheat weekend away. I had no idea at the start of the plan I could lose that amount of weight that quickly so was incredibly happy with the result. The weight literally dropped off day by day and that acted as motivation for me to stick to the plan as closely as I possibly could. I’ve had to buy new trousers and belts though which was a bit of a pain!

Visual differences

I’ll let the photo’s do the talking but it’s obvious that there’s a huge difference in my physique from the start to the end. I had a reasonable base to start with but I needed to tone up a bit and get rid of the fat hiding whatI already had. I’m seriously chuffed with where I’ve got to in such little time and could see the weekly differences in my body that also acted as a massive motivator for me. When the abs started poking through the motivation really spiked! These photos were taken on day one and then approximately every week on the plan. Despite the lighting in the photo, there is a 6 pack there!

Paul H transformation2


What I can take from the last 8 weeks on this plan is a massive improvement in my knowledge of food, a great spike in my motivation to exercise, a better body than I’ve ever had in terms of how it looks and now my bodys at a much better  level of fitness. I’m chuffed to bits with how much fat I lost and looking in the mirror, I can see the huge improvement in my physique that was down to the plan from Dan.

I’m not looking to be a fitness model so I’m not 100% sure where I’ll go with my training plan and what routine I’ll give myself from now on, but I’ll certainly be signing up for a triathlon and some other fitness related events, as well as continuing to mountain bike regularly! As the plan focussed more on fat loss and low intensity workouts to fat burn, I think I’ll try my hand at more intense cardio. One thing for sure is that my body is now much more ready to take on whatever I throw at it, whilst looking much better too.

All in all, the plan certainly gets my seal of approval and if you want to lose fat, then you’re hard pushed to find a plan that is as complete as this. It’s laid it out from start to finish, with great support from Dan all the way through so I could reach the finish in the best shape possible.

Cheers Dan!

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