28cm reduction in her body


Before you started your Life Changing Fitness plan, how did you feel about yourself and your body?

I felt crap basically. No motivation for anything, terrible skin, zero self confidence, and hadn’t had a proper nights sleep in months. Had actually seen a doctor about it, and would have been on sleeping pills by now if it wasn’t for your plan (and at 19 years of age that’s NOT good)

Why did you want to change your appearance?

I wanted to change my appearance because it was really knocking my self confidence. Watching my dress size increase as the months went by was not good for my self esteem.

What did you expect from the plan before you started?

I had seen the testimonials on your website etc so I expected to lose weight. But what I didn’t expect was the other benefits such as increased energy, far better sleeping, better skin, eating food constantly and never actually feeling hungry, and just in general more of a zest for life.

How has working with Life Changing Fitness changed your life?

It would be easier/quicker to write out the aspects of my life that the Plan has not changed! I’ve lost about 7 kg in around 8 weeks, I’m wearing clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in a year, my skin/complexion is completely changed for the better, and I get a full nights sleep now, and I’m generally more happy and confident now! I also feel a lot more educated in terms of nutrition and exercise. In the first week of the plan I was running around the gym with Youtube up on my phone wondering what I was doing, now hill climbers with floor sliders and skull crushers are like second nature to me lol! Additionally I never would have associated things like nuts and steak with weight loss – but it obviously works!

Starting weight = 59kg
End of plan weight = 51.7kg

Measurements (cm) =

Left calf: – 34 –> 31
Right calf: – 34 –> 31

Left quad: – 57.3 –> 55
Right quad: – 57.3 –> 55

Waist: – 88.0 –> 77.5

Hips: – 91.5 –> 89

Chest: – 91.0 –> 90

Left Bicep: – 26.2 –> 26
Right Bicep: – 26.1 –> 26

Left forearm: – 21.1 –> 21
Right forearm: – 21.1 –> 21

Neck: – 34.0 –> 31

Over 28cm reduction in her body in 8 weeks!

Are you happy with your results and is there anything you would have changed/done better?

I’m delighted with my results, just looking at progress pictures and getting in to old clothes makes me feel like I did my best. Still got progress to make though.

Did you find the support from Life Changing Fitness helped with your success?

I found the support AMAZING. Even though I live on a different island, the support was STILL great. It made all the difference, I feel, to have someone applaud your progress every set, and I also love that you sent comparison/progress pictures. Really increased my motivation! Can’t speak highly enough of your support.

Lastly, would you recommend Life Changing Fitness to anyone else to achieve their goals?

I have recommended the plan already to family members etc and I will continue to. It really is “life changing”!

I just wanted to take this time to thank Marie publicly. Without her dedication, motivation and willing to change, she wouldn’t have seen these results. The plans work, this much is fact, but you have to be willing to WANT to change and Marie has shown amazing will power and strength. The photo speaks for itself.

Marie – you smashed it girl! I cant wait to continue working with you. Lets see if we can get you to compete some day with that beautiful physique you have!

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