Before you started your Life Changing Fitness plan, how did you feel about yourself and your body?

I was frustrated being overweight. I was self-conscious about my shape and annoyed that my blood pressure was rising even though I was following the healthy eating prescribed by my doctor (most of the time)

Blood Pressure before and after the plan
Before – 140-150 sys / 70-85 dia
Now – 115-130 sys / 70-80 dia

Why did you want to change your appearance?

I didn’t like feeling fat and having to avoid certain clothes that I liked, simply because they were too tight.

What did you expect from the plan before you started?

To lose weight and keep it off

How has working with Life Changing Fitness changed your life?

I watch what I eat – in a positive way, making much healthier choices in the things I choose to eat. I’m much more aware of the nutritional values and composition of different types of food. And, I’ve discovered I love 90% cocoa solids chocolate!
What’s more, my Blood Pressure has come down dramatically AND I am eating all the nice foods my Doctor told me to avoid – things like red meat, nuts, cheese & dairy. Amazing!

Are you happy with your results and is there anything you would have changed/done better?

Very happy with what I’ve achieved – would have liked to lose weight a bit faster at the time

Did you find the support from Life Changing Fitness helped with your success?

Daniel was incredibly supportive and motivational, particularly when I felt it wasn’t working / was going too slow. It was tough at times because my work (lots of travel / living in hotels and not being able to stick to regular prescribed meals), but we worked a way through and once, I was able to ‘fly solo’ and balance my own macros it became second nature. One thing I’d love would be some way of estimating weights of raw ingredients / having an easy way to adjust basic foods for cooking style to take account of the calories & nutrients I am consuming when eating out / at hotels (e.g. a fist of cabbage weights approx. Xg; each 10cm of carrot weighs Yg; and if roasted add Xg fat / if tossed in butter add Yg fat, etc.).

Lastly, would you recommend Life Changing Fitness to anyone else to achieve their goals?

LCF has been extremely beneficial to me. It took a bit of getting used to, but it is flexible enough to fit around a challenging business life – all it needs is a bit of dedication and application to log what you eat and to have a good breakfast every day.

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