Leigh Howell

I have been working with Dan Wheeler and Life Changing Fitness for almost 18 months. At the age of 48, I had tried everything to keep the weight off, my first diet aged 5, culminating in an eating disorder at the age of 30, lasting 15 years. I had tried every fad diet on the market, all of them worked short term, I lost the weight but NEVER kept it off

I came across Dan Wheeler on twitter, loved his attitude to fitness & nutrition, he is a breath of fresh air! The rest as they say is history!  I have dropped 2 dress sizes, but more importantly Life Changing Fitness have EDUCATED me about food and exercise. They have given me the resources I need to not only manage my weight but achieve even bigger goals.  I fell in love with the gym, Dan gave me achievable targets, and on our weekly calls, measured my success and HOW I FELT.  My measurements dropped weekly and my progress photos gave me the motivation to keep going. I now sleep better, I have more energy, I’m not scared of food and am able to eat the same foods alongside my family when I want to

 How do LCF differ from all other PT’s and Coaches?  They give you unrivalled support and ensure you have the knowledge to understand what is needed to never have to ‘diet’ again.  Life Changing Fitness was my investment to myself, I went to them desperate and 18 months later, embrace food and am the happiest I have ever been.  The online community that Life Changing Fitness has created is amazing, people of all walks of life, with a common goal, motivating and helping each other to be a success, it’s a great  feeling to feel so supported

Knowing that a life long battle with food has been conquered I plan on setting myself some even bigger targets, I now have the confidence to realise anything is possible