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Active IQ level 2 certificate in Fitness Instructing – Gym

Active IQ level 3 certificate in Personal Training

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Izabela is Polish born but has lived in London, England for the last 11 years. She is a professional classical pianist and holds a masters in psychology. Izabela started her fitness journey in 2013. She stepped on the fitness modelling stage for the first time in October 2014 at the Miami Pro competition where she took two third places, as a bikini model and as a fitness model. Since then Izabela has also competed in Fit Factor at the Body Power Expo in Birmingham in 2015. She placed in the top 10 and was given a wild card, an invitation to the Amateur Olympia where later in 2015 she managed to secure a top 6 rank and bring back home a 5th place trophy. In August 2015 Izabela placed third in the UKBFF Kent Klassic and qualified to the British Championship finals where she came in the top 10.

Izabela is often asked, where do you get the motivation and discipline needed in order to compete as a fitness model? She says, “My ability to persevere in this industry comes from having a passion for fitness and for pushing my body to the limit. It makes me feel alive to be in the gym sweating, building my body through constant weight training, diet and cardio. It’s all about setting goals and doing everything you can to reach them”.

Izabela decided to take her passion for fitness a step further and began studying to become a Personal Trainer after finding inspiration from her coach and mentor who she has been training with for over a year. Izabela has successfully completed the course and now is a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

“My advice to anyone who wants to get in shape and reach their goals would be to decide exactly what and why you really want to change. Then set a long term goal, together with small, realistic and achievable short term goals. They will help you commit to the changes. Furthermore, surround yourself with positive people that will encourage and help you, and lastly… help others do the same!”

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