Hannah Sweetman – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach

Hannah specialises as a functional conditioning coach and nutritionist with an interest in body composition changes, sports nutrition and aesthetes.
Hannah accomplished her postgraduate qualification from the globally recognised International Olympic Committee (IOC). Established in 2006 by the Medical Commission at the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the course is aimed at sport nutrition professionals who work closely with athletes and coaches to enhance their nutrition.

Hannah obtained her undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Nutrition before deciding that nutrition was her passion and therefore required further in depth studies to apply an evidence based approach with her clients.

Hannah completed her dissertation on Nutritional Implications and Strategies for Female UKBFF Body-fitness Competitors during Contest Preparation. The knowledge base established over the past two years allows Hannah to apply the most recent nutritional advice and best approach to a range of clients in a consistently changing environment.

Hannah wishes to continue to pursue further research into nutrition, supplying accurate and informed knowledge to her diverse clients.

I believe lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of nutrition. If an approach isn’t going to work for your lifestyle, then it isn’t the right approach. That’s why nutritional advice is individual, personalised to suit what you want to achieve”.


International Olympic Committee Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition

Bachelor Degree in Sport and Recreation at A.U.T University. Double major in Exercise Science and Physical Activity & Nutrition.

Level One I.S.A.K (skinfold) Qualification.

New Zealand Institute of Fitness Certificate in Exercise Consultancy, Level Three.

Level Two United Kingdom Rowing Coaches Certificate – including a first aid certificate from Elements First Aid.


Weight loss

Optimal health and lifestyle management

Body composition changes

Sports and functional performance

Personal Background

Hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, Hannah Sweetman is a qualified Nutritionist with an interest in body composition changes, sports nutrition and aesthetes (competition/photo shoot preparation). Hannah has experience with a range of clients – from individuals who wish to lose weight or increase muscle mass, all the way to performance athletes/teams (for example, athletes from Oxford University’s rowing team). She’s also helped redesign working environments, working with companies to create healthier workplaces for their staff.

Hannah holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Sport and Recreation, with a double major in Exercise Science and Physical Activity & Nutrition. She’s currently working towards her International Olympic Committee Diploma in Sports Nutrition. After completing the final year, she intends to achieve a Master of Science in Sports Nutrition.

Growing up in New Zealand, Hannah competed in many different sports. With rowing as her main focus she represented Auckland and her University. While training for rowing, Hannah developed a passion for lifting weights. This passion has allowed her to maintain a ‘marketable ‘physique, which is one half of the equation!

Hannah’s nutritional philosophy is to provide clients with the knowledge and confidence to set up a sustainable and long-term nutrition plan. A lifestyle. This enables you to reach your goals in the way that best works for you. It also encourages long-term adherence and eliminates short-term ‘diet fixes.’

Hannah gets great satisfaction in helping people work towards better health and greater performance. The experience she has gained over the years of training, researching and working with different clients allows her to design a personalised program to support you, whatever you want to do.

Or as she puts it: “We work together to provide the ultimate lifestyle for you”.

.So, why not book Hannah for that first step to your new health and fitness regime? You won’t look back! Contact us today here

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