I have been blown away by a some amazing posts in my The 80/20 Lifestyle Plan private groups.

Groups that are 97% women.
Women who have mostly joined 80/20 to lose body fat.

What i love about 80/20 is the community we have built.

We call our community groups ‘SAFE ROOMS’.

Secure And Friendly Environment. A place where you can share anything and everything without the fear of it being seen by anyone other than those on a similar journey.

What we have noticed in 80/20 is that almost everyone who starts 80/20 is desperate to lose body fat. A common goal. A goal that everyone is achieving whilst they create their new lifestyle.

HOWEVER… as we come to the end of Group 4, 3 weeks into Group 5 and just about to start Group 6, what i love MOST about 80/20 isn’t the fat loss. Its the STRENGTH these vulnerable women are showing and in-turn becoming stronger without really realising it.

We have seen people show us their broken marriages.

Share medical conditions from Cancer, to alcoholism, drug abuse and alopecia.

Disclose serious depression, share attempted suicide anecdotes and still births


My heart wrenches whenever they share these stories


A part of me cries inside every time i hear these life struggles. Things that happen to people i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, but are happening to people i would love to be my best mate. It’s crushing

However, i am reminded instantly that VULNERABILITY IS A STRENGTH and its proved in the floods of responses from everyone else in the group.

You see, fat loss is what people focus on. We can all relate to that to a degree, at some point in our lives. That’s what seems to initial bond a lot of people.

However, as soon as someone shares these stories, they are greeted with open arms, virtual hugs and then reciprocal empathetic stories.

A lot of the time we feel that its only US that goes through certain struggles, when in reality the majority of people can relate in some way and empathise… if they cant, they sympathise. Emotions that BOND and STRENGTHEN relationships. Relationships of people who have never met each other.

THAT’s why i love 80/20!

The fat loss is a given. It’s guaranteed if you listen to the education and apply some very simple lifestyle changes. No gimmicks, just education and science.

However, its not what people are actually wanting and needing. They think fat loss will solve their problems… it doesn’t. It never will.

Which is another reason why 80/20 works better than ANYTHING on the market… because within our team with have psychological experts and psychiatrists to educate you on how to challenge negative thoughts, embrace positivity and start to HEAL from the inside out.

We have seen time and time again, when someone shares something they feel vulnerable about, they are immediately strengthened, empowered and that stress of being ridiculed, embarrassed or ashamed, turns into hope, power and the ability to help other people.


…all we do is change lives

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