The Menopause Webinar


Did you miss our Menopause Webinar? We now have the full webinar avaliable to purchase online to watch at your own leisure.

The Menopause! All women will eventually go through this stage in their life, and we want to make sure that we are not only prepared, but if we are already experiencing symptoms of the menopause how we can combat this and improve quality of life during this time.
Aimed at any woman experiencing the menopause, whether you are in the first stages, part way through or whether you are in full swing!  We will go into detail and discuss the best strategies and ways to manage this time in your life.
Learn about how to tailor your nutrition, exercise and supplements throughout the menopause and different treatment options for the common symptoms of the menopause. We will be joined by our resident doctor Emil who will be going through all the stages of the menopause, debunking any myths and giving some alternative treatments to try along with how to discuss further treatment options with your own GP.





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