At the end of this week i will be announcing the two newest coaches to the, soon to be Award Winning, Life Changing Fitness team.

I’m beyond excited to announce that we have now increased our scope to bring on even more clients. For the past month there has been a waiting list to join LCF as i simply refuse to compromise on client coaching quality over client volume. However, i’m now please to say that our team is ever growing and able to take on many more clients.

All those who were on the waiting list, you will now be contacted and offered the first free places. Those who are ready to change their lives and want to work with the most reputable online coaching company around, the time is now!

If you’re not familiar with what we do at Life Changing Fitness, just take a read of a handful of client testimonials which you can read in full on the site.


“I never thought that I could have made such dramatic changes within such a short amount of time. My physique is now one I can be proud of and my overall health and the way I feel has massively improved. I now look forward to see what changes I can now make over the next following months taking from what I have learned from Dan. I cannot thank Dan enough for all his help and advice.” – Mike Ward


“I would recommend this to any one looking for all types of fitness, fat loss, competing and bulking as over the last 12 weeks I’ve seen what Dan can do and it’s unbelievable. It’s worth every penny, sweat and tears if your looking for a programme this is the one trust me!! I am truly great full to Dan. He’s an inspiration to everyone he meets and now class him as a TOP coach and friend. Thank you Dan for giving me life.” – Matthew George

“Daniels support was second to none! Twitter, email and even text support. Daniel responded to all emails within a day; if it was urgent even quicker” – “I’ve have achieved and learned so much from the plan. Not just in reaching my fitness goals but improving the rest of my life too. Thank You!” – Jonathan Wardell


“I’m in the best shape I have been in years. I have learned so much about training and creating a healthy lifestyle for myself, also about self-discipline. I just want to say a massive thanks again for sorting me out with the plan Dan, and to make it better I was a competition winner from one of Dans Twitter contests, so this makes me even more grateful! You have done a good job!!” – Gary Corr


“What I can take from the last 8 weeks on this plan is a massive improvement in my knowledge of food, a great spike in my motivation to exercise, a better body than I’ve ever had in terms of how it looks and now my bodies at a much better level of fitness. I’m chuffed to bits with how much fat I lost and looking in the mirror, I can see the huge improvement in my physique that was down to the plan….It’s laid it out from start to finish, with great support from Dan all the way through so I could reach the finish in the best shape possible.” – Paul H


“Dan is just incredible. He’s not on your back so you know that it is you choosing to work hard and make changes without being bullied and stood over, but you know he is just an email or message away if you need anything at all and was an incredible support. This means that I know I can continue with the lifestyle because he doesn’t set you up to NEED him as such, ratherto learn from him and know you have encouragement and awealth of info if you need it. I would never have found anutrition or exercise plan on-line or in a book that was as detailed or bespoke.” – Laura Hopkinston


“From before the plan i expected that i would be hungry all the time, eating food i didn’t like and feeling weak. It was the total opposite in truth” – “I just want to say thank you so much. You provide your clients with all the info they need to achieve the body they want, they just have to want it and stick to your plan”. – James Collins


“I would recommend Life Changing Fitness to anyone that wants to change their body and their mind. If I can accomplish what I have done so far at my age and with my health conditions, then anyone can do it and it has all been based on what was in the plan. I followed Daniel’s guidance and direction and I have seen RESULTS!” – Kevin Hambelton

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 13.44.07

“Dan’s priority, however, was my health. He increased my calories, over time, from 1400 to 2000 and added fats and carbs into my diet. I also started carb cycling for the first time which I really enjoyed. After just a week, there was a noticeable difference in my strength and overall well-being – I felt great! Dan adjusted my nutrition and training plan on a weekly basis, dependent on my statistics and we kept going from there. Training 1:1 with Dan was also a great… The results? I came 3rd in Ms Bikini Tall and I came FIRST in Yummy Mummy which was the most amazing feeling ever – especially as my daughter was there to cheer me on. So, the proof is in the pudding (or should that be protein bar? ) DanCAN prep a female for competition, despite having never competed himself – there were many critics who said he couldn’t! Well, we proved them wrong! I am so grateful for everything that Dan did for me and know that I now have a friend for life! Thank you, Dan – the man that CAN! ” – Nicki Bell

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Stop wishing and start changing, today!


Know it, Feel it, Live it


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