If it fits your macros (IIFYM)… Is this the right nutrition approach for you?

Social media has lead us to believe that IIFYM is all about eating pop tarts and ice cream in huge amounts every day and still maintaining a desirable physique. How many of us admit to following our fitness idols on social media only to see them consume these types of foods and then show us their ripped bodies!!!

Does this leave you thinking how is that possible? In comes IIFYM

Learned how to count macros - clothes are all too big now

This nutritional approach is becoming increasingly popular.  Known as flexible dieting, the IIFYM (short for “If it fits your macros”) is becoming a sustainable way to approach social eating occasions and build a healthier relationship with food for individuals who want to look and feel their best without feeling deprived.

Flexible dieters have individual targets for calories, macronutrients (protein, fats, carbohydrate), and fibre to hit every day. These are usually specialized by a nutritionist who has an increased understanding into the client’s individual needs. This is because we are all on different journey with different goals and time frames.  This allows each person to have individual target numbers which are calculated to take into account their personal goals, activity level and time frame for achieving their goals. Food selection is then up to the individual as long as the required numbers are met.

“It’s time to stop looking at food as good and bad or clean and dirty”

“This type of mind set can lead to bad eating relationships and depriving social situations with friends and family”

This brings me onto my next point of there are no “good” or “bad” foods. There are foods which present higher nutritional quality then others e.g. a sweet potato compared to white bread. Yes the sweet potato presents a great nutrient profile being higher in fibre and containing a source of micronutrients.

However at the end of the day they are both sources of carbohydrates that get broken down by the body. Therefore the IIFYM approach allows room to indulge in treats as long as you meet your overall daily targets.

Would you agree that allowing yourself to eat what you want but still achieving sound nutrition is the most sustainable long-term approach to nutrition that will work with your lifestyle?

When assigning macros for clients, the most important calculation comes down to calories in and calories out. Then depending on the client’s goals we can determine if you need to be on a deficit or a surplus. This is the benefit of working with a Life Changing Fitness Coach. We will lead you on a journey of education. Using different nutritional approaches such as IIFYM helping you to achieve your goals.


If you require help working out your individualized macros or a nutritional approach which works for you please get in contact with a Life Changing Fitness Nutritionist.





Hannah Sweetman – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach


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