HIIT training – ‘Car-Push HIIT’

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This mornings HIIT training was courtesy of my car – Citroen DS3 Sport.



Well me & @Kirstie_Riddle did ‘Car-Push HIIT’. We found two cars down our road that were about 50m apart, parked on the side of the road. Our road is very quiet so this was handy.

We each took it in turn to push my car from the first car to the second.

To do this, simply turn the car on and put it in neutral – dont forget to take the hand break off 😉

The HIIT session was (taking it in turns): –

Push the car for 50meters as fast as you can!

Walk back to the starting line while the other one reverses the car back. Rest period should be 90seconds – 2mins.

Repeat x 8

You can alternate each others sessions while the other person rests!

Why is the rest so long? Because pushing the car takes every ounce of effort for that short period of time! Bluntly speaking – you’re f*&ked by the end of it!


  • The car doesn’t have to be “on/running” to do this, but i like to have it on so i can play some music and have the car functioning in case another car arrives and we get in the way of it. The cons to this is the exhaust fumes can be noticeable when pushing the car!
  • Have plenty of water to hand in your rest – you’re gonna need it
  • Men – focus on the explosive element of getting the car started
  • Women – focus on the intensity of the duration.
  • Dont forget to use your arms as much as your legs
  • Keep that back straight
  • Prepare for fire in your quads and glutes.

Enjoy 😉

Know it, Feel it, Live it


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