Give Back & Share Event – The final Part 3, The Speech

Humble foundations to long term expansion.

Prior to the big reveal, and before his own shocking surprise, Daniel proceeded to explain the history behind LCF. From modest beginnings, to exponential growth, and the plans for LCF on the horizon.

Most notably he talked about the staff behind LCF, how they have connected together to form a team. An equally dedicated group with one vision; to continue to change lives.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

After huge success with the LCF macro recipe books, and following a connection with Ellie Rose Heathwood, a local producer of fresh meats and vegetables, Daniel revealed the birth of a new venture from LCF. “Life Changing Food”.

Guests discovered that in 2016, not only will LCF provide training from the best coaches around the world, but Life Changing Food would also produce unrivalled nutrition, in the form of a food delivery service. But it wouldn’t end there. In fact, Daniel revealed another four recipe books planned for release via LCF.

Given LCF’s current market positioning, Daniel set out to explain the long term business plan for LCF moving forwards:

A two year target to employ over 100 new team members within the LCF family, including a Psychologist to specialise with eating disorders.

To partner with eleven gyms by 2017, in conjunction with plans to open a Life Changing Fitness flagship gym.

To collaborate with none other than world-renowned coach and WBFF PRO, James Alexander Ellis, supporting LCF’s expanding online nutritional client services. Projecting a 400% increase in online business.

To connect with corporate partners, supporting health and wellbeing in the workplace. Helping to drive a change in culture and the health of our nation.

An optimistic goal to float LCF on the London Stock exchange by 2020

After the future LCF business round up was complete, and before his “shocking” reveal, Daniel invited those who had provided indispensable support over the years, to share individual recognition.

A selection of pre prepared Be An Athlete gift bags, personally loaded with an array of rewards, from BAA, Nobody’s Child, MyProtein, and copies of the respected book by Phil Learney; N1 Nutritional Programming, were gifted to the most prominent individuals who had supported LCF’s growth, and ethos. Daniel worked his way through a list of fortunate individuals. Including founding members of the LCF team, stand out clients, notable friends, and professional connections.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Also in line to receive recognition was Phil Learney himself. World renowned strength coach, educator, author, and co-owner of Be An Athlete. Daniel made it categorically clear, that Phil’s connection and advice had been essential, inspiring Daniel’s vision to grow LCF. The BAA gift bag seemed insufficient for the amount of gratitude Daniel awarded Phil, nonetheless, Daniel proceeded to complete his acknowledgements.

Next, was Andrew Xeni. A fashion distributor, entrepreneur, and the mastermind behind two successful clothing brands; Be An Athlete and Nobody’s Child.

Andrew stepped forward to accept his recognition. But, to Daniel’s surprise, Andrew took to the mic himself. Nobody was prepared for what happened next, especially Daniel.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Daniel’s Surprise

Andrew explained what an intrinsic part of the BAA team Daniel had become. Not only with supporting the growth of the BAA brand, but by building the “Be An Athlete” philosophy, into the foundation of the LCF network. There was no doubt that everyone in the room completely agreed.

With that in mind, Andrew proceeded to announce he would be gifting a 10% equity of the BAA Sport directly to Daniel.

After the initial gasps across the room had waned, Daniel took a moment to recompose himself. For the first time all evening, Daniel was truly lost for words. Clearly moved, tackling his emotions and struggling to continue, it was obvious Daniel was completely unprepared for such a generous gift.

After some liquid courage, Daniel was able to take back the mic. Still reeling from what Andrew had said but determined to proceed. An even more important announcement was yet to come from Daniel. Something that would affect every guest in the room, and one that formed the very reason behind the whole “Give Back and Share” event.

The epitome of “give back and share”

(cut down reveal)

Now every guest was a genuine shareholder in the LCF business, and a valued member of the LCF team. The number written on each personalised invitation, indicated how many shares each attendee now owned in LCF. But Daniel wasn’t content with this, and decided to not only double the figures, but triple them!

From here, it was a time to celebrate. The DJ took to the decks with some help from Kirstie, of course. With everyone letting their hair down, and some BAA headwear being thrown in for good measure, it was time to party.

Thanks to Daniel’s strategic pivot and ambitious strategies for growth, LCF’s future looks bright. With the crucial backing of a fully invested and supportive team, their success looks every bit as attainable as the goals they help clients reach daily.

The full 1hour speech…


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