Give Back & Share Event – Part 2, The Event

“Too many socialise online, we’re all on a journey – but together as a team now” – Bleddyn Escott Physique competitor

“It’s amazing to be a valued part of the LCF team”  – Becky Thomas, LCF

“What a night, I feel honoured to be involved” – Ellie Rose Heathwood, Simply Veg

“Brilliant opportunity, we truly are a team” – Matt Willis, Nutricentre

“Giveback and share is exactly what he’s done, great move by Daniel”   –  James Alexander Ellis WBFF Pro

“It’s amazing what LCF has accomplished, imagine what we can do next” –  Chloe Francis WBFF pro

“I rarely go out, so it was great to be invited along with so many others, and really cool now I know why” – Vince Alexander Azzopardi, Major models

The LCF team met up with Director, Daniel Wheeler prior to the event. Months of preparation and organisation were finally reaching a peak.

Becky Thomas, adopted many responsibilities of the day.  She worked tirelessly to ensure everything was appropriately organised. Even down to the minute detail of the LCF branded balloons.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

With photographer and film crews at the ready, time edged closer to 7pm, ready for guests to begin arriving.

People had travelled from all over the country to attend, so the pressure was on Daniel to meet expectations. With a forewarning on each invite, “prepare to be shocked”, soon it would be time for this to become a reality.

In addition to the full LCF team, individuals who, in one way or another, had contributed to the LCF journey to date, were also on the guest list. There was a reason behind each handpicked invitation. In fact, it had been a growing aspiration that Daniel had been working on, for over four years. Keeping notes of individuals who had in one way or another, provided unquestionable support. Hoping that one day he would formulate a way to demonstrate his gratitude.

Upon arrival, guests were ushered into the opulent London venue of Vodka Revolution. All were greeted with a glass of Presecco and welcomed by Daniel.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Conversations flowed, as did the drinks. For the next 90 minutes, connections grew, and genuine friendships were formed. All captured by the professional team of photographers and film crews.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Eager guests in their gladrags began filling the room. Their curiosity and anticipation was palpable as the time for Daniel’s speech drew nearer.

After the arrival of two key influencers in Daniel’s professional life, Andrew Xeni, co-founder of BAA, and world renowned strength coach, Phil Learney, it was time for Daniel to take to the mic.

Initially, guests were presented with the LCF motivational video designed to inspire, no matter what the viewer’s background.

An overwhelming sense of accomplishment in LCF’s achievements to date, enveloped the room, with everyone enthused for what would happen next.

Soon Daniel was to follow with his speech, and the revelations as to why everyone had been invited.

Surprisingly, it was Daniel who was unprepared, and left totally shocked.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Stay tuned for Part 3 – The big finale – to be posted in a few days.

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