Give Back & Share Event – Part 1, The Beginning

“Prepare to be shocked”, was the caption, distributed on invites to over 250 fitness professionals, from Daniel Wheeler, Director of Life Changing Fitness.

It became the big question on social media, what was Daniel Wheeler’s Life Changing Fitness event all about?

LCF’s ripple effect on so many, is a testament to Daniel’s own passion; to help others change their lives. Born from the very ripples emanating from Daniel’s own life changing transformation, and eight stone weight loss, just five years ago.

This is where the LCF journey began. Daniel’s vision was to create the most passionate and motivational coaching company on the planet with an ethos of health and lifestyle at its core. To get there, he’d work with the best coaches in the world to deliver life changing, sustainable results for clients. Quite a tall order, some would say.

Gaining momentum

2013 began with the addition of Craig Dickinson and Kirstie Riddle to the LCF family. Later followed by Will Politt and Leigh Purcell.

But 2014 was the year Daniel’s goals for LCF edged closer to a reality. With the addition of Chris Spearman and Mike Ward to an already growing LCF team.

By 2015 LCF had expanded into The Thames Club to provide an Elite team of Personal Trainers and Nutritionists.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Turning point

But despite all this success, Daniel believed his company needed to switch direction, in order to reach more people, and for LCF to continue to change lives.

What Daniel had planned surprised everyone.

“Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. Future, we’re ready….”


With a 6’ 4, herculean appearance, Daniel realised he’d become the very image that he’d once felt daunted by, all those years ago. Despite his best efforts, having a ripped bodybuilder at the forefront of LCF was potentially alienating many people from seeking the help they so desperately needed.


Daniel knew that at its core, LCF was all about real life, real people, and real goals. Supporting clients to lead active lifestyles and form lifelong healthy habits.

But having one man as the main representation for LCF, was potentially detrimental to the company’s vision. In fact, certain clients had assumed, that LCF was only for professional athletes, rather than providing a lifestyle solution for everyday folk. Ironically, the majority of LCF clients are just that; real people, changing their life lives, for good.

Life Changing Fitness - Give Back & Share @ Vodka Revolutions

Yes, LCF has the ability to coach professional athletes to achieve life changing results, but Daniel wanted to bring the company’s profile back to grassroots. Demonstrating that fundamental changes for 99% of the population can truly be, “life changing”.

Despite the body confidence, achieved from years of dedication, Daniel realised he needed to reconnect back to the mindset of an overweight client. He had been there, quite literally, and Daniel understood what this meant.  He made the bold decision to commence removal of himself from the forefront of the company’s image. LCF’s key statement is about changing lives, along with connection, understanding and ultimately, change.

Just as a healthy lifestyle change begins from the inside, the plans Daniel had for LCF’s future, would need to start from within; the very foundations of the company.

Stay tuned for Part 2 to be posted in a few days.

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