How Fit Are You – Fitness Test?

So, Fitness testing, why do we do it?

I love fitness testing, as crazy as that may seem! The opportunity to push your body to the limit and that buzz you get at seeing just how much your body is changing and improving, once you’ve recovered from hardly being able to stand of course!

Its major use is to identify a person’s strength and weakness, ranging from a top end athlete or to the average Joe looking to just become generally fitter and healthier.

The initial testing gives you a rough idea of where your fitness levels are at the start of a program, this allows you to compare future testing and record changes and improvements made.

Taking part in fitness tests are a great way to prove how much progression you’re making, it’s something you may want to do every 6-8 weeks, giving you enough time to work through your existing workout regime

working on the areas that you discovered needing improvement after the first ’benchmark’ test.

Fitness testing is a process I perform on all my clients, selecting different tests dependant on their different goals.

My first experience of fitness testing takes me back to college when I was 16 and one of the units on my sport science course was to perform a kind of test on the rest of your class mates. I chose my personal favorite the bleep test, that lethal running speed/endurance test. This is a fantastic test to use to give you a measure of fitness. I used this test twice as a measure of performance when my class mates would be drinking water before the first text and Lucozade on the second to see if their performance was greater.

The bleep test is something you’ll find in a lot of in the special services and sports officials. Take a look at the list below and see how you compare.

Organisation Bleep Test level
Rugby Referee 10.4 Development12+ Elite Referee
British Army Officer 10.2 Male8.1 Female
Royal Marine 13
Police 10.1
David Beckham (England Football Player) 16
Fiji National Rugby Team 13
Martin Johnson (Ex England Rugby Player 14


How Fit Are You - Fitness Test?

So where do you put yourself? Could you make the grade of a rugby referee? Maybe try and give Mr Beckham a run for his money! Just like with any gym program, maintain your dedication and focus and keep up your regular workouts and re-test yourself to compare your results.

Article by Will Pollitt

Will Pollitt - Walton on Thames PT



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