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Womens – Weightlifting & Hypertrophy seminar

June 26, 2016 @ 8:30 am - 6:00 pm


Ladies, this one is for you and it promises to be an incredible day of empowerment and education.

Life Changing Fitness will be holding a seminar for women on how to lift weights specifically for hypertrophy goals – AKA – Building some defined muscle tone.

We will take you through the full setup of gym equipment to make you confident when stepping into a gym. You will learn how to lift properly FOR YOUR goals, this is not a blanket approach to teaching – everyone will learn how to lift weights for their abilities whatever they are.

This seminar will be fun, relaxed with a huge variety of women on the day – from all abilities and starting points. The absolute novice to intermediate gym goer will learn a HUGE amounts on the day and leave feeling empowered, strong and confident. Just take a look at these amazing testimonials from women who have attended before: –


Exciting times!


  • Anyone who came on the previous Strength Seminar.
  • Women who want to learn the right intensity levels for ‘toning’ up.
  • Those who want to just get stronger, but also develop some definition.
  • Women who want to accelerate their fat loss goals
  • Those who want to get super fit and strong, without having to use the boring treadmill!


8:30am – 5pm


Fitworx/Fight Science in Staines


All seminar content
Full lunch buffet, snacks, shakes and water throughout the day
Slides of all the content after the seminar
Access to a private women’s only FB group to further motivate and empower.


  • Weights vs. Cardio
    • Benefits of anabolic vs catabolic
    • Difference in hormone response
    • Calorie burning during and after weights or cardio
    • Body composition difference
    • Organ shut down with cardio and weights = none
    • Long term benefits of weights and cardio
  • Rep ranges
    • Strength ranges – 1-6
    • Hypertrophy ranges – 8-20
    • Endurance ranges – 25+
    • Cross over exercises
    • Optimal contraction – how to squeeze
    • Optimal range of motion
    • Drop sets/super sets/tri sets/ partials
  • Fitness tests and tracking progress
    • Tracking sheets
    • 1RM tests
    • RPE Scale
    • Reps left in the tank
    • AMRAPS
  • Rest periods
    • Different rests for different goals – strength rest vs hypertrophy rest
    • Rest pause
    • How important is rest for “joe blogs” compared to athletes
    • The lactic threshold – understanding the difference between failure and pain
    • Rest days! The importance of hormonal recovery
  • Compounds vs. Isolation
    • Calorie expenditure difference
    • Rep range difference
    • True failure and sensible failure


  • Isolation exercises (shoulders, quads, hamstrings)
    • Lateral Raise
    • Cable face pull
    • Shoulder Press – DB
    • Rope Ext
    • Skull Crusher
    • DB Curl – Pinky Twist
    • BB Curl
    • Lat Pull down & Band assisted pull ups
    • DB Bent over
    • Glute Bridge/Hip thruster
    • Single leg glute raise
    • Leg Press
    • Leg Ext
    • Hamstring Curl
    • Calve Raises – foot placement
    • RDL & Straight Leg DL
  • Core strength
    • Crunches vs strength
      • Land Mine
      • Hanging Leg Raise
      • Cable Crunch
      • Running man
      • Weighted Plank
      • Oblique Crunch
      • Oblique twist cables & DB/Plate
      • Roll Out
      • Window Wipers
    • Stability exercises
    • Intensity
    • Engage the core – with breathing
    • Whole trunk exercises and what does the trunk do specifically
    • Go through detailed core workout
      • Plank
      • Side Plank
      • Mountain Climbers
      • V-sit
      • Crunches
      • Shoulder Touches
      • Leg Raises
      • Leg raise rotation
      • Leg cross over elbows
    • Intensity
      • Tempo – 1,1,1,1 Explain all movements and counting
      • Show proper counting
      • Show true tempo
        • 1111
        • 2222
        • 3333
        • 4444
        • 2124
        • 4242
        • 005
    • METCON – Metabolic Conditioning
      • Difference between interval training and HIIT and a METCON
      • HR Zones for METCON
      • How long should proper METCON last
      • What is the reason for it
      • Run them into true METCON
    • Final sitdown for Q&A and photos

Some of this day will be theory based and therefore there will be some ‘school room’ style setup to discuss more in-depth elements of the theory. 75% of the day will be practical, however.

…all we do is change lives!


June 26, 2016
8:30 am - 6:00 pm


Daniel Wheeler


Fight Science / Fitworkx
10A Thames St
Staines, Surrey TW18 4SD United Kingdom
+ Google Map
01784 467853
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