Emotional Eating

Eating, food, hunger, cravings and training. Everything we do during the day is usually based around food in one way or another. Whether you’re into fitness or not, your daily diet is what keeps you working, training and living to your optimal. It’s as natural to eat as is it to breathe oxygen. It’s second-nature. A necessity. But some of us struggle with food and eating a lot more than others. Why?

Being overweight or obese can impact someone’s life on a scale that, if you’ve never experienced it, is hard to put into words or context. Every individual will deal with it differently, and there are often trigger points which can set off a tidal wave of emotions and actions with food, such as binges – which are rarely positive.

Linking food, especially high carbohydrate and high fat food, with emotional events in your life is common, typically more so for those of us who use food as a tool to improve their mood, yet that can have negative connotations to one’s mindset, body composition, and the way we think about food.

But why do we do this? Why do we binge eat? Why do we look to the takeaway shop when we feel down?

All the above and a whole lot more will be revealed and discussed during our LCF Emotional Eating live Webinar on the 2nd October 2016. To buy your tickets and book your seat go to the link below.


Emotional Eating, Triggers and Binging- Sunday 2nd October 9-1pm

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