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We are proud to announce our NEWEST services for Elite Athletes who can benefit from our two phenomenal packages that are not available anywhere else!

1. Are you an athlete that has always wanted to enter a competition but not really had either the confidence or the knowledge as to how to reach your optimum level of condition?

2. You know that you have to be at your competition best to succeed, but don’t know how to manage your nutritional intake or workouts to reach that ‘next level’ conditioning?

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Life Changing Fitness can help you to achieve your goals. We offer a bespoke premium service that not only gets you ’competition ready’ but supports you all the way. Our superb Competition Prep Coaches, are competition winners. They have the proven knowledge, skills and experience to take you on that journey and succeed.



Our services consist of two options under the bodybuilding, physique/bikini competition prep possibilities. You can opt for either a 16 or 20 week regime, plus an 8 week reverse diet plan after the competition is completed.


Reverse Diet

The 8 week reverse diet plan is not offered by any other fitness service provider. We offer it, because we know that the intensive workout, water intake, sleep requirement, carbohydrate management and nutritional plan that we will tailor make for you will bring you to maximum leanness and ripped body physique perfectly timed for your competition, but should not be maintained after the competition for optimal health reasons.

Not for the faint hearted

This is your opportunity to achieve the accolade of your life, and it is important that you enter this training with the right mindset. We want the very best outcome for you, and want to bask in your resulting glory. With this in mind, we will be honest with you, and only accept you onto the Elite Athlete course if we feel it is right for you.


Photoshoot ready

This package is specifically aimed at those athletes that are in reasonable shape and able to attain a photoshoot ready body within 8 or 12 weeks prep time.


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