I’ve just been sent this awesome review of the Men’s Mini Plan bundle and just had to share it with you.

Thanks to Mr Phil Hirons for the honest feedback and i look forward to hearing more on your journey pal!

Mini workout plans

As I approach the end of my second week of training, with the new plans from Life Changing Fitness I have chosen to share my thoughts and experiences.
Having been a fatty who got fit, I have been a keen follower of Dan Wheeler, and followed his progress over the last 12/18 months. I had recently looked into Online Personal Training, but feel my nutrition is “ok” and not in a position to make the financial commitment, and I was looking for something and these plans are just that!

Up on purchasing the plans, I was pleased with how quick the download link was sent out and how well they sync with the iPhone (I only use my phone in the gym, for plans… Honest!..)

The plans include fantastic advice on form and technique, and thankfully the Bro Science is left well behind. To many people think a plan without a Back Squat, Deadlift, Flat Bench and Military Press is destined to fail. This plan contains none of those, and is the best plan I’ve ever used.

With various Rep Ranges, and exercises for all major and supporting muscle groups, these plans will help anyone achieve there goals.. regardless of their goal (unless its fat gain!)…

The plans look very professional, and are very easy to . With the additional Youtube options these plans can be followed by anyone who has a “basic” understanding of training, and require only the most basic of gym equipment. I train in a warehouse style gym, but a healthclub should also be sufficent.

Ok so the plans, look pretty… but how do they feel! Here is a brief training diary summarising my first couple of week’s without giving all the details away (Im sure Dan want’s you to buy the plans!)

First up, my training split.

Sunday – Leg workout
Monday – Arms workout
Tuesday – Back workout
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – Chest workout
Friday – Abs workout
Saturday – Shoulders workout

Sunday morning…

There is no better way to start a new training programme, than 4×15 and then 30×4 drop sets on the Leg Extension right? This is just the warm up and exercise one, on the appropiately named Leg Aninilator. I have now completed the leg session twice, and on both occassion’s my legs where physically shaking in the final reps of the Leg Extension! and then its on to a Triple Exercise Set, before finishing with heavy RDL’s! This was without a doubt the most brutal leg session I have done in a long time… maybe ever!

Monday mornings, whilst the gym monkey’s all smash chest because its Monday… I sneak off to smash a heavy arms session as all the kit is free. Nothing gets you more motivated than the vascular cover of this plan!

Just as with Leg day, this starts with a massive high rep beasting on the EZ Cable Curl, squeezing each rep out for the full 25! With this plan split out to smash bicep’s then move on to tricep’s muscle fatigue kicks in quick, and you have to power through, before a massive drop set on the Hammer Curl’s. If this doesn’t get your veins bulging, nothing will! Agony doesnt come close… and you just prey know one comes in as your curl the 2.5kg db’s!

With biceps burning, its on to tricep’s and the one exercise I just can’t do! Dips!… and yep its 2 exercises in a row! and in what appears to be LCF style, a nasty superset to finish arm day!

Tuesday – Back day! I was almost relieved to see the opening set was only for 12 reps after the massive Leg and Arm openers. Bent Over Row’s to much of an ego lift and people moving neck and shoulders and all sorts! Kept it light and felt the squeeze of each rep! Working through the plan, and it was never going to be a back day without wide grip pull ups was it! 4 sets of 6-10 became 4 sets of 6-……..6!! and then they turned up.. the high rep work! with 15-20 shot guns rows and then the V Bar Pulldown to finish! Back = PUMPED!!!

Wednesday = Rest Day

Thursday, Chest Day? How many people have heard that before? but rumour has it you can train chest any day you want! LCF torture is back with a Vengance on chest day, with Incline Bench and DB Fly supersets… and wait for the Incline increases each set! and when your done its on to the decline!

The next exercise was new to me, the ISO Hold. I have probably enjoyed the challenge of this exercise the most out of these plans so far! Then a big finish on the push ups!

Right its Friday morning!

Nearly done! What you got for me Wheeler? Abs? As a person who has done less than 5 ab sessions in their life, this was always going to hurt! First off the Hill Climbers and hanging Leg Raises… nothing to hard here.. or so I thought

The decline crunches, followed by an Ab Superset soon made me realise this was not the case, and anyone who as much as made me laugh the following day would be in trouble! Finished with some pretty shaky 30 second planks!

Oh and some cheeky deadlifts, because I wanted to include them in my week

Last session of the week, and probably my weakest area.. Shoulders! But its Saturday so its ok!

This has turned out to be my favourite of LCF plans, opening with a variation of the DB Z Press. A great exercise all round for 4 sets! Then plan then moves on to work the front and rear delts aswell, something to many people forget about!

I then try to finish with a 2nd set of the Plate Front Raise drop set, because i love it!

I have no association with LCF or Dan Wheeler, and these have been my honest views. I enjoyed the Shoulder and Leg sessions the most. I would probably say I found the Back session the least enjoyable/fun to complete… but who trains for fun?

I look forward to more plans being released, and continuing with the LCF approach!

Phil Hirons


Thanks Phil

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