Confused yet?

  • Carbs after 6 make you fat…?
  • The more cardio i do the more i’ll burn fat…?
  • If i do cardio at 130 heart beats a minute, then this is the “fat burning zone”…?
  • Carbs make you fat in general…?
  • I cant lose weight because i have a slow metabolism…?
  • Eating smaller meals more often burns more fat…?
  • You have to train everyday 6 days a week to get lean…?


Confused yet?

They are myths that 90% of people still believe. Confusing isnt it…!

If you want to dispel all the diet myths, understand the basics of hormones, the metabolism, the RIGHT types of exercise for you, how to lose body fat NOT WEIGHT, get a better sex life, better sleep and an elevated wellbeing in your life, then you need to attend this seminar.

Confused About Nutrition & Exercise Seminar on the 1st March in Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

Tickets cost £30. The seminar is 4 hours long. If you are not happy with the content of the seminar, i will refund every penny. Its a win win situation…

Invest in YOU. Invest in YOUR future. Invest in YOUR FAMILIES FUTURE.

“I’ve seen the seminar content and its incredible. Dan has hit the nail on the head with what 99% of the people need to know and learn. Its easy to see that this is going to be a very easy to follow seminar. Dan has a natural ability to speak and connect to most people. Not only that but he’s walked all the steps most people who need this information are going to walk. If you want to know HOW to diet and live a better life, then this is a no brainer…” – Craig Dickinson


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