As you read this, you may well be in your peak week. This is the season for Bikini competitions after all. You may well be competing soon, excited to see what this magical week has to offer…. after all, this is the week where all the magic happens, right?

Lets take a look at this a little more closely.


Its very common for girls to be told to do the following things in these 7 days…

  • Water manipulate
  • Dehydrate their bodies 24hours before the show
  • Do ‘depletion’ workouts
  • Go zero carb until 2 days before the show
  • Carb load 2 days before the show
  • Drink wine the night before the show
  • Drink vodka the morning of the show
  • Take diuretics to remove any water retention
  • Up their clen & t3 drugs to accelerate their fat burning

These are just a few of the very common practices that i hear these days. However, do any of them need to be done to win a Bikini show?!?


First of all, lets begin with the history of these tactics. If you read my ‘Do Bikini girls need to water manipulate’ blog 2 weeks ago, you will remember the history of this tactic from the 1960’s. Water manipulation was invented by BodyBuilders who took androgens (steroids) to help remove any added water retention caused by the increase in oestrogen they got from those androgens. Clearly, if someone doesn’t take androgens, then its clearly not needed in anyway, shape, or form. Therefore, we concluded that Natural Bikini girls don’t need to do it in any way, and it would in fact make them feel and look worse on the day – this is fact.

So, if Water Manipulation was created in the 60s by Body Builders, could we assume that other tactics were also used too? Lets take a look….

>>> Dehydrate their bodies 24hours before the show
>>> Drink wine the night before the show


The idea here, in combination of the Water Manipulation, is to further draw more water from the fat cells under the skin to look tighter. As we have established from the other blog, this also pulls water away from the muscles, resulting in you looking smaller and highly likely to cramp on stage.

Clearly this is going to be less than great for a Bikini girl on stage.


>>> Do ‘depletion’ workouts
>>> Go zero carb until 2 days before the shoqw
>>> Carb load 2 days before the show


Again, from the Body Builder world, the idea here is to remove the glycogen from the muscles so that you can re-fill them at a later stage in the week. The theory is, if you deplete the muscles of their stored energy, then they are more ‘receptive’ to absorbing carbs before the show. You then fill the muscles back up by putting in a huge amount of carbs 2 days before, or even the day before.


Think about it, why in gods name would you waste time, effort and stress in removing something only to put it back in that same week? Why not just leave it as it is? The huge risk you have here too, is that when you fill the body back up with carbs just before the show, you could very easily over saturate the body with the amount of carbs and then lose definition as you “spill”. Lets not forget, also, if you have also removed all the water from your body, how do you think the carbs are going to be stored into the muscle…. after all, muscles can only store carbs when water is present. Ironic huh!

Lets also look at another risk. Digestive Stress.
You have dieted for 16 weeks, possibly longer. You have probably restricted yourself from all food groups and stuck to a very limited amount of foods from a menu. Your digestive enzymes are almost certainly going to be down regulated and not functioning optimally.

So, why would you then add in food options, and large quantities of them, 2 days before you step on stage. Can we really expect our bodies to digest, absorb and store these foods optimally when you are stressed. You are asking for HUGE bloat issues and IBS. Good luck with that one.

Also, how does your coach know how many carbs you can store for a ‘carb loac’? Let me tell you something, unless they have an ultrasonic machine and scan every muscle in your body, there is absolutely no way anyone knows how many carbs you can store – its pure guess work!

>>> Drink vodka the morning of the show


The idea here is that when we drink alcohol, the body becomes further dehydrated and will make us look leaner… we have all had hangovers, right? Thirsty aren’t we? So this means we look learner, right?


You’ve cut all water. Not eating anything on the day of the show and then you drink Vodka. Yes, you are going to be thirsty, but you won’t look any leaner! You will, however, be drunk on stage and likely to stumble or fall over.


I hope this was an obvious one! Its a bit silly to be honest. up to 60% of your stage vote is based on your posing… if you trip, stumble or lose balance, you can say goodbye to that placing.

>>> Take diuretics to remove any water retention
>>> Up their clen & t3 drugs to accelerate their fat burning


This is a scary one. First of all, let me state that diuretics can kill you. This is why they are banned from ALL COMPETITIONS – even the ones over the counter! Too many people have died in the past for this to be considered ‘safe’. Federations will drug test you for fat burners like Clen and T3 and also diuretics. They do not want them in the industry, however this doesn’t stop some people.

A side effect of Clen is massive anxiety and muscular cramps and shakes. Good luck with that posing.
So many people take T3 and have no idea how it works. People think its raises the metabolic rate so you burn more fat…. no! Adding T3 into the body means you HAVE TO consume more food in order for it to work. One thing everyone does before competitions is starve themselves. Maybe worth rethinking this one if you take it. Its a dangerous drug also and has the potential to shut your thyroid down and cause a HUGE rebound after your comp.

Diuretics are common practice – its part of this notion to make you look leaner by removing water. As a result it also removes all electrolytes… another essential element to a muscle not only working, but also storing glycogen (carbs).


It scares me when i hear girls being told by their coaches to do this. Please sack your coach if he/she tells you that you have to increase your clean and T3 on the week leading up to the show and also Diuretics. They are basically running the risk of you killing yourself… yes, its that serious.

>>> SUMMARY <<<

All of the above practices were created by Body Builders over time to combat the effects of androgens (steroids). If you do not take any androgens, then none of the above will make you look leaner on the day. This is fact. You may well end up thinking you look leaner, but the reality is that your muscles are less full and you will feel like death on stage. You are 100% going to hormonally rebound after the show and that can take up to 2 years to recover from… ask anyone who has done it and they will tell you.

Do Bikini girls need to do it to win? No.
Should you coach ask you to do ANY of the above? No.
If they do, what should you do? Ask them why, show them this post, and then ask for a refund. I’d probably also look to take legal action as only doctors can offer drug advice legally.

We cover this topic in more detail at the Life Changing Fitness Bikini camp that is on the 23rd and 24th of July at CAVEMAN TRAINING in Stoke. This promises to be the most detailed weekend on ‘How to prep for a bikini competition’. LCF have teamed up with Audrey Kaipio to bring you a 2 hour posing class. Simon Howard on how to pose for the camera and model the perfect way. La Diva Design will be showing you the best Bikini to wear on stage to make you stand out. Get Bronzed are there to show you how to do the perfect tan for your federation. Georgia Rose Hussein and Yasmin Hoyland will take you through the perfect makeup for your competition. We also have WBFF, Miami Pro, Pure Elite and UKBFF Pro bikini athletes Holly Howells, Chloe Francis, Hayley Clough, Izabela Szymanska and Kirstie Nicole Riddle to take you through step by step why a health prep is vital for your life in competing. What more could you ask for to learn how to prep with health in mind.

Here is a photo of Pure Elite Pro Holly Howells when she won 2 classes and her Pro Card…. she did none of the above and didn’t rebound after. ‪#‎JustSaying‬



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    yes these methods seem very archaic!

    so what should your coach really be telling you? i dont see the answer to the blog title!

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