Battling back after illness

Our Operations & Marketing Director – Craig Dickinson discusses his recent return to fitness.

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Due to the minor operation of  a ruptured appendix I have been unable to attend the gym, this has set me back between a 6-8 weeks of recovery time — this got me thinking, what workouts can I do from the comfort of my own home. Can I maintain muscle mass, can I keep active, and can I ultimately save money (petrol, gym membership?) It’s pretty evident you don’t need fancy equipment to stay in shape. I set out by purchasing some resistance bands. An inexpensive product that will help with rehabilitation but also provide resistance for use in muscle strengthening.

Most people who lift weights will advocate the use of gym machines and free weights, but at the time of writing I need to find a happy medium and use the tools at my disposal.

With the resistance band training, every part of the movement is concentric and eccentric, resulting in better range of motion that will help strength and more complete stimulation. The downside to resistance bands are you can’t really perform maximum lifts.

Not only do you have resistance bands but you also have a whole raft of bodyweight exercises at your disposal.

E.g. Press-ups, a movement that works the majority of every muscle group, it’s the most basic movement you learn as a child. Use it to your advantage. If you are not confident start by doing them with your knees on the floor, progress to full leverage and if you really want to make it hard for yourself put your feet on a chair, sofa for added leverage.

My conclusion three weeks into using various home form exercises and resistance bands is for a serious avid gym user there is only one place to be.

Personally, I like the ritual of getting ready to go to the gym, I am able to forget about the daily stresses and unwind. Granted I can see the convenience of working out from home as for many in modern life having an abundance of time can be an issue. Having it right there saves time but there is less motivation and plethora of excuses and distractions.

One thing noted is the fact that I’m paying a monthly membership fee is accompanied by a sense of obligation, for some it can seem like a chore to me whereas when doing it at home you can enjoy it for what it is.

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