To be humbled enough to post another update to the team, i’m thrilled to announce not one new awesome online coach to the team, but TWO! Yes, two new online coaches!

I’d officially like to welcome and introduce both, Ben Mudge & Larry Doyle to you all.

For those not familiar with either Ben or Larry’s work, please see below a brief overview of them, but i’d welcome you all to come to the site to check out their full online bio’s within the LCF team.

This brings LCF up to a team of 10, of which 6 are online coaches. Those who know me, or those who have been interviewed by me, will appreciate the quality & standard of coaching i require and look for when working with LCF. My aim and goal is to offer you, the people wanting to change, the highest quality level of online coaching service available. I truly believe we are now unmatched in coaching quality, experience and results and very much look forward to growing this amazing team further.

So who are Ben & Larry?


Ben Mudge, from Belfast in Northern Ireland is a personal trainer and online coach. Ben is a men’s physique competitor and professional fitness model. He is sponsored by Reflex Nutrition, Better bodies clothing and Musclegenes.

Ben’s quest for a physique isn’t just a vanity project, it represents his fight against his illness Cystic Fibrosis. “Being born with an illness that kills people at a young age gave me this push to NEVER give in or appear to be ‘sickly or weak’.

Ben’s ethos would be: ‘We all have a set amount of time here, so make the biggest dent you can and help as many as you possibly can”

Follow Ben on twitter – @BenMudgePT
Follow Ben on FaceBook – Ben Mudge

Ben Mudge – Online Nutritional Coach



From a very early age, Larry started in the fitness industry at just 18.

Now 29, with 11 years experience in the game, Larry has dealt with many clients from all backgrounds. Certificates and qualifications are useless without the experience to apply the knowledge to these clients.

After more than 10 years of training, Larry decided to enter in to body building. Four shows later and most recently a class win from the nationals, has given Larry a wealth of experience in the industry.

Follow Larry on twitter – @la_doyle

Larry Doyle – Online Nutritional Coach
Both Ben and Larry from from very different backgrounds, experience and areas of the industry, however one thing is common with both of them…. they thrive on helping people be healthy in whatever that persons goal may be. This is one of the key fundamental reasons both Ben and Larry were an instant fit into the LCF team.

I’m so happy and proud to have them on board and look forward to them both working with new clients in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Please join me in welcoming Ben and Larry to the team.

Know it, Feel it, Live it



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