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Kingston upon Thames is an old town dating back to 838. It belonged to the king in Saxon times and is the oldest royal borough. It has an excellent shopping centre and for much of the 20th century it was famous for major military aircraft manufacturing. Well our also famous health and fitness team can’t teach you to fly, but we can train you to be in the best condition you will ever reach.

Have you got a special occasion you want to look incredible for? Perhaps you are going on a personal fitness challenge and want to push yourself to be in the best condition you can be in to meet that challenge? Maybe you are a ‘couch potato’ and realise that it’s now or never! Well don’t despair, we have a Personal Trainer in your area that can help you change your diet, your training and your overall fitness so that you can become the amazing person you have always wanted to be!

Life Changing Fitness is more than a personal fitness training company. We have each had to deal with personal challenges or specific injuries or life’s disappointments to reach our own peak of fitness. We can empathise with you and through that empathy we know how to motivate you, and write you a personal fitness program that will match both your expectations, exceed those expectations, and give you the kind of shape and body you have dreams of.

We can absolutely guarantee that if you follow our diet and fitness plan, you will lose weight, become fitter and ultimately much happier! Don’t delay, give us a call and lose that ‘invisibility cloak’ you have been hiding under. It’s time! Do it, and do it now!

We offer personal training services within Kingston upon Thames and the surrounding areas, including: –

  • Weybridge
  • Chertsey
  • Hersham
  • Addlestone
  • Molesey
  • Guildford
  • Leatherhead
  • Staines upon Thames
  • Esher
  • Walton on Thames
  • Woking

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We not only offer the best fitness plans, but we’re also a huge advocates that 90% of losing fat and getting in shape is down to your diet. We also offer fat loss plans – be sure to check out our client testimonials too.

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