Ab roll out challenge 1

Setting the bar for an ab roll out challenge.

Roll outs to beat = 52!

This was done after my usual ab routine, so not fresh. However, i’m setting the bar at 52 roll outs with full form.

Rules: –
– Full form
– No more that 2 second rest at the top of a rep
– Roll out to failure

Feel free to post your own counter challenge video and WHEN someone gets higher than 52, which i’m sure they will, i will post a counter video to beat that. I’ll even post your challenges on this page too for added exposure….

A nice friendly competition.

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FIRST CONTENDER – My client Jonny Wardell – 61 roll outs

My boy Jonny has taken on the challenge and won the first round! Epic first attempt and he clearly had more left in him to go further. Just toying with me i think…

Time to raise the bar people… 61 is now the target! Trust me… it wont last long 😉

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  1. Cheryl says:

    Arrggghh just did what I thought was 130 and then looked back at your vid and I didn’t go down low enough! Does your body touch the floor? Will try again!

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