By LCF Elite Coach and PT Lee Pickering

It all starts with a thought…


How you process that thought is the tricky bit.

We’ve all been there. You want to lose weight. You’ve seen all the Instagram fitness models. It’s time to make a change. But how? Frankly, we all dream positivity. Few of us turn the positive thoughts into reality. And that is the kicker. To lose a substantial amount of weight takes a special type of person. Someone who doesn’t do half-arsed. Someone who doesn’t make excuses. Someone who is prepared to dedicate themselves past their comfortable norm.

Doesn’t sound like you? Don’t worry, it wasn’t me either.

To lose a few pounds is easy. A few days of dedication coupled with a bit of training here and there and, in theory, you’ll be lighter on those scales. Unfortunately, where most go wrong is mindset. The initial ‘game time’ thoughts of bashing the gym and eating nothing but carrot sticks and five pints of oxygen suddenly disappears after a couple of weeks and, a few super-high calorie days later, you’re back to the same weight as when you started.

The thing is, it’s bloody hard. For instance, I was 22 stone at my heaviest. Compared to my leanest weight ever, the difference is just over 50kg. Now, imagine walking into your gym and picking up one of the biggest dumbbells in the weights room and just holding it for a moment. Heavy, right? Like, ridiculously heavy? Now, imagine carrying that very dumbbell around with you for, say, the afternoon. You would be exhausted. More than that, you’d probably be pretty miserable. Now, imagine that same dumbbell metaphorically connected to you constantly. Not just for a few hours, but all day, all night; every single minute of every single day. This is what someone who is morbidly obese is dealing with.

Stairs are effort. Walking around a shopping centre spawns’ massive anxiety due to the worry of excessive sweating. Oh, and let’s not even talk about the chafing…

So, for the obese person, the idea of training every day and eating better, when takeaways and zero exercise is their norm, is quite honestly hard to grasp mentally and emotionally. It’s about changing habits and we are, by our very nature, creatures of habit.

Then you have to think about the sacrifice. For an entire year, I spent most evenings hungry, attending meals with friends but not eating from the menu, and basically feeling pretty sorry for myself. I didn’t understand macros and calorie deficits, I just knew I had to stop eating two takeaways a day and train. Was it optimal? Absolutely not. It was guess-work, by myself, every single day. Sacrificing things your lean friends can have daily and not gain weight is demoralising and takes a mindset of a champion to stick with.

You’ve got to find your motivation to succeed with a transformation. Because being obese and needing to lose 5, 6, 7, maybe 8 stone will feel like climbing Everest at times. I found creating mini-goals within the journey helps keep the big, scary numbers at bay. Say you’re 22-stone. What I did was make getting under 20-stone my number one priority. I didn’t care about getting to 14-stone, it was about hitting ’19-stone-something’. As daft as that may sound, it worked. Once I got there, I reset the goal. Next up was being 18-stone, so I could drive a Ferrari on a track day – as the weight limit for drivers was 18-stone. Get my drift here? Bitesize chunks to break down the fact you are on a long and tiresome journey that can so very easily break you.

Don’t do it for anyone else. Do it for you. Make yourself accountable. Work towards your goals with a mindset based around trying to improve on your diet and training each day. Because really, that’s all you can do. The rest should take care of itself.

Start today and in 52 Sunday’s time, you could be living a completely different life. Think about that; 52 Sundays. That’s all.

I did it and so can you.





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  1. Jose says:

    Really inspiring…. Thanks for sharing your story, it really helps to believe that is possible.

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