How to be a fit and healthy stay at home mum – the healthy way!

You wake up tired and head downstairs to prepare the kids breakfast. As you are slicing up their toast you think to yourself that you really should be eating breakfast with them too. You help them get changed and start to pick up their dirty laundry off the floor. As you put the clothes in the washing machine you start to think of your holiday in 4 weeks time and how hideous you feel about trying to get into your bikini. Lunchtime is just around the corner and you decide to sit down with the kids and have a plain chicken salad. You read in a magazine that carbs were bad for you and they will make you fat. You decide to take the kids outdoors in the afternoon but you start to feel thirsty and tired and nip into the shop for a quick sugar fix. After dinner in the evening you feel bloated and ugly and start researching a quick fix. You find a ‘4 weeks to get holiday ready’ plan and decide to start on the under 1000 calorie diet the next day…….

Still reading? Can you relate to some of the above? Guess what though – you can be a fit and healthy mum and be bikini ready with the correct approach!

There are a few golden words I am going to use in this article and these are your key words to remember!

1) Preparation

We all feel more productive when we are prepared. This is the same with looking at your exercise and nutrition. Start with saying to yourself how many times can I realistically exercise a week. Then plan into your calendar when they will be. Then note down the type of exercise you want to do. Perhaps get the kids involved – they love new things and you can keep them healthy too!

Most of us do a weekly shop but do you do a shopping list? Like with your exercise preparation, take a look at the calendar and plan a rough guide to what you can eat over the week. It might be easier to cook some extra portions so you can have them on consecutive days or for lunch the next day.

When my clients tell me they have found a week difficult, before I ask why, they have already told me that they didn’t prepare as well as they normally have done. This then has a knock on effect on their day to day actions, their stress levels and emotional state.

Ladies do PREPARE – it doesn’t take much to do, it will make your life easier and help you get results!

2) Sustainability

If we can sustain it, we are keeping to it and less likely to stop doing it. As mentioned earlier magazines are often full of trash, one of them giving carbohydrates a bad name. Carbohydrates themselves are not bad, they provide us with sustainable energy. It’s the consumption we need to be mindful of. There are so many diets out there that are claiming these great results BUT they are not sustainable. Someone starts a 800 calorie diet and then a week later is binging on cakes and chocolate because they are depriving their bodies. There is such little education around or conflicting evidence and this is where Life Changing Fitness is here to help EDUCATE you on healthy and sustainable approaches.

3) Enjoy

Lastly you need to enjoy what you are doing! This links into the above golden word – if you enjoy it you will keep to it and it will become sustainable.

Don’t restrict foods, keep foods you enjoy but in moderation. Find an exercise you enjoy. This can be a home workout or a walk with the kids outdoors. I have clients that are sociable and like to enjoy meals out with friends, at Life Changing Fitness we teach you how you can achieve this.

After reading this article I hope you can erase some of these common phrases……

‘I want to lose body fat but I’m just too busy’

‘I can’t keep to this diet’

‘I can’t get to the gym because I have the kids’

…..all we do is change lives

Written by Life Changing Fitness Coach, Leah Paulley.

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