WOMEN’S – Weightlifting for beginners 101 seminar

Ladies, this one is for you and it promises to be an incredible day of empowerment and education.

Life Changing Fitness will be holding a seminar for women on how to lift weights properly. It will be a day long practical and the first course will be specifically aimed at women who have never lifted weights or who have lifted for less than a year.

We will take you through the full setup of gym equipment to make you confident when stepping into a gym. You will learn how to lift properly FOR YOUR goals, this is not a blanket approach to teaching – everyone will learn how to lift weights for their abilities whatever they are.

This seminar will be fun, relaxed with a huge variety of women on the day – from all abilities and starting points. The absolute novice to intermediate gym goer will learn a HUGE amounts on the day and leave feeling empowered, strong and confident. Just take a look at these amazing testimonials from women who have attended before: –


To book your ticket and join us on the day – http://lifechanging.fitness/index.php/event/womens-weightlifting-for-beginners-101/

Exciting times!


It will be on Sunday 2nd April, from 8:30am to late (6pm ish finish).


It will be hosted in Staines upon Thames. The gym is called Fight Science / Fitworkx


  • Bottled water
  • Protein shakes
  • Full buffet for lunch
  • Snacks\Protein bars\fruit
    • all for free as part of your ticket.


  • You will need to bring a HR monitor and gym clothes – prepare to get sweaty!
  • Trainers/Lifting shoes
  • Shorts/leggings
  • Sports top you feel comfortable in
  • Towel
  • Straps if you have them – not essential
  • Lifting belt if you have one – not essential


  • Technique & form (Back Squat, DeadLift, Bench Press)
    • Glute activation techniques and importance of glute strength
    • Progression of lifts – Body weight, box, depth, full range
    • Hip flexor and flexibility in general prevents most lifts
    • Bar placement – hand and feet
      • Squat
        • Normal
        • Sumo
      • DeadLift
        • Normal
        • Sumo
        • Straight DeadLift
        • RDL (Romanian DeadLift)
      • Bench Press
        • Wide grip
        • Close grip
    • Breathing and core brace
    • Genetic differences in form and technique
    • Who shouldn’t squat and what to do to replace it
    • DeadLift – If you can’t DeadLift with a broom stick, then you shouldn’t DL….yet.
    • Abdominal brace – how to set
    • Bench press foot placement
    • Risk Vs reward
    • Equipment to stay clear of
    • Asking for help!
    • When is the smith machine appropriate
  • Compounds vs. Isolation
    • Calorie expenditure difference
    • Rep range difference
    • True failure and sensible failure
  • Stretching/foam rolling and flexibility
    • Is it needed
    • Static stretching vs dynamic stretching
    • How to foam roll – Lacrosse ball vs roller
  • Warming up/down
    • Is it needed
    • Does cardio offer any benefit as a warm up
    • Does doing light rep movements class as a warm up
    • Do we need to warm down
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

    • Difference between interval training and HIIT
    • HR Zones for HIIT
    • How long should proper HIIT last
    • What is the reason for it
    • Beast them into true HIIT
  • Intensity
    • Tempo – 1,1,1,1 Explain all movements and counting

…all we do is change lives!

To book your ticket and join us on the day – http://lifechanging.fitness/index.php/event/womens-weightlifting-for-beginners-101/

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