If you are scared of lifting weights…. don’t be and read this!

Here is a little example for all the ladies out there who are afraid of lifting weights in the fear of turning into a female Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The picture here is my girlfriend, Kirstie Riddle (@Kirstie_Riddle on twitter). The picture on the left was taken on a family holiday in August 2012. The photos on the right was taken on May 6th 2013. Although the dates are nearly a year apart from one another, Kirstie actually only started ‘properly’ training in November 2012, meaning that her progress has actually only been over 6 months.

Kirstie Riddle - before and after

Kirstie had always gone to the gym, however through her own admission, she just went through the motions. She used to do ‘all body’ workouts about 3-4 times a week, do lots of cardio and just ate what she wanted, when she wanted. By no means was Kirstie out of shape… as you can see, she looked great. In proportion, thin and clearly holding a physique to strut about with confidence. Hey… its this physique that was attractive to me in the first place, so i’m not going to knock it! 😉

However, Kirstie had goals of taking her workouts to the next level and putting on some muscle….. then she met me!


After a few months of dating, i soon got her into the gym training properly and most importantly eating properly.


Now, she is stronger (pound for pound) than any bloke in the gym – including me. She can run faster than most people i know. She eats more than ANYONE else i know her size…. she is 5foot 2, weights 52kg and packs down a good 1,800kcal a day! She can squat twice her bodyweight, she can leg press 5 times her body weight. She can chest press her body weight for reps. She can do over 40 bodyweight dips without rest…… all in all, she is FIT AS F*&K – literally and metaphorically.

It takes the phrase “a strong confident woman” and brings it to reality.

So what am i trying to get at here, other than blow smoke up my womans arse….

The point is, lifting weights and eating right doesn’t turn women into Arnie! It turns women into strong, confident, fit, healthy and lean machines.

Just take a close look at the difference in the photos.

  • – Take note of the change in leg shape and size
  • – Take note of the ab definition change (left, no definition – right, side wall and oblique definition)
  • – Take note of the shoulder shape changes
  • – Take note of the arm size and shape changes

Kirstie Riddle - before and after

Ladies, if you are reading this and not achieving your goals, do lots of cardio and eat very little…. STOP. Think & educate yourself about how your body works and then start lifting some weights.


Wouldn’t it be amazing to eat more and do more?

A photo tells 1,000 words…..

Know it, Feel it, Live it


  1. Margo says:

    Do I have to do exercises that isolate my abdomen or is lifting period good enough (Such as squats/deadlifts) to have good and results?

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