What do you want to see this December?

What do you want to see this December?

It’s the season for Christmas party’s, cold weather, comfort food, short days, closed gyms and every other excuse to move in the opposite direction to what you want to achieve.

Stop, be realistic, think, “What do I want to achieve in December?”

dear santa

For most clients it’s going to be about managing the Christmas festivities staying controlled and motivated through a challenging time of year. Therefore, I’m here to supply you with your first Christmas list…

 Top tips for staying on top of what you want to get out of December.

  • Set your mindset. Decide on what is important to you during this period. Is it the Christmas party, the family Christmas dinner or the big New Year party? Prioritize which days are going to be your days where you relax from a meal plan or tracking through Myfitnesspal e.g. For me this will be Christmas day and boxing day as the priority for me on these days will be time spent with family and friends not stressing over how much gravy was poured over my meal in order to get my macros correct.
  • The 80/20 Rule. Hopefully most clients have heard of the 80/20 rule where 80% of your food intake should come from whole, minimally processed foods and the other 20% coming from less nutritious sources. This works quite well at Christmas time because most of the foods served at a traditional Christmas dinner is macro friendly. Turkey, sprouts and veggies make the 80% with that Yule log or Christmas pudding contributing to the 20%.
  • Having a few drinks through out December is how many people toast a successful year and celebrate. Alcohol contributes to a large calorie content with out the benefits of feeling full or satisfied. Use strategies to help stay hydrated and reduce the amount of drinks consumed, by drinking a glass of water in between every alcohol beverage.

Other strategies for the Christmas period include intermittent fasting, calorie cycling through out your week in order to have more calories to consume on Christmas day and using different macronutrients at different time points to keep the body satisfied to avoid overeating. These are used on a more individual basis. Therefore, talk with your Life Changing Fitness coach over techniques that will work for you through out this Christmas period.

But most importantly enjoy the month! Take time out of your normal routine to spend time with the people that matter the most to you.


Hannah Sweetman – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach




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