Using mental attitude to stay focused when training

Lot’s of people, including athletes, find new experiences such as diets, training programmes etc, daunting. It’s a natural human reaction to have a fear of the unknown. A protection mechanism, in some ways, and there is nothing wrong with this – until it starts to prevent you from achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

In the beginning, I had a fear of the gym. Believing I wouldn’t fit in with all the ‘meatheads’ or ‘gym rats’ as the skinny guy who hadn’t really experience a gym before. It was a ‘limiting belief’. Something I had to get rid of, by taking action, overcoming the fear and getting in the gym.

We often hear people who say they ‘aren’t motivated’ to go to the gym, or ‘don’t have time’ or ‘will never lose the weight’. Some of these maybe true, mainly though they are excuses and limiting beliefs. If we can’t find a reason, we’ll find an excuse.

So how do we start to get rid of these fears and limiting beliefs? How do we stay motivated to achieve our goals? It’s quite simple really, we just need to change our thinking.

What we think – we become

Fear: 95% of what fear, never actually happens. Get over your fear by doing what you have never done before. It really is mind over matter. We have a strong mind-body connection, so if you can control your mind, your body will follow.

How about visualizing your perfect body? This technique, takes less than 15 mins a day, and you will be amazed at the results.

1% Visualization

1) Find somewhere quiet and take a few deep breaths, in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

2) Close your eyes, and start to see yourself in perfect physical shape, how you want to be. Act ‘as if’ you are in the moment. Observe what you are doing.

3) Start to observe the picture in your mind. Is it a still picture? A movie? Is it black or white? Or colour? Is it a still picture, or a movie? Are you in the image, or are you veiwing yourself in the image or movie?

4) Observe what it feels like to be in perfect physical shape. How do you look? How does it feel? Are there any sounds, smells, feelings associated with being in your prime condition?

5) Turn up any sounds, make them louder and stronger, make the colours in your picture or movie brighter and bolder. See yourself how you want to be, really absorb yourself in the moment. Have fun with this!

6) Open your eyes, and observe how you feel after the technique.

1% of our day is approx 15minutes. Use this technique everyday for 1% of your day, and you will be amazed at the results you will achieve, as your mind begins to focus itself on what you want.

Immerse yourself in this visualization technique and have some fun!


Written by…

Andrew Wiseman

Andrew Wiseman My background is originally in football, having played for various clubs in my younger days, both here and in IrelandI have also coached with clubs such as West Ham, Chelsea and Shamrock Rovers. Until this year, i held the position as a scout for a Championship team.

I began to use basic Sports Psychology, whilst coaching, and my interest grew over a period of years, and its grown into a passion working with athletes.

I like to use the techniques while competing as a Fitness Model, and used lots of techniques before placing top 5 highly in a major European Competition.

At present i am working on various Mental Performance Coaching projects, along with studying as a PT.

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  1. Mainser says:

    Absolutely nailed it there – if you want something badly enough you will find ways to achieve rather than excuses to fail

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