Here is a little insight into my must have ‘feel like’ treats that help me stay on track with my nutrition programme.

When trying to live a healthier lifestyle or staying within a certain nutritional structure, the most important thing is to not feel deprived. When you feel like you are on a diet or you are restricted to certain foods, you will start to crave more and there’s a good chance that you’ll go off track and end up binging on all the foods you’ve been thinking about!

All in moderation is key for some but for others it can make your nutrition life harder. For example, that cheesecake you have been dreaming about all week could satisfy you if you only have a bite but for others it will give them that uncontrollable urge to shove their face into the whole cake and eat every last crumb!

Depending on what type of person you are, the 80/20 rule may work well for you or it could be the once every one to two week ‘cheat meal’ (macro tracked is best as you can still go significantly off programme) that keeps you on track.

For me I like a mixture of both depending on my goals but I definitely live a healthy lifestyle by making the better choices from day to day without feeling restricted!

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages

These taste amazing. Great for a sausage sandwich or with sweet potato as bangers and mash! Yum!

Below are some of my favourites that make me feel like I’m having a treat whilst staying on track:

Heck Chicken Italia Sausages

These taste amazing. Great for a sausage sandwich or with sweet potato as bangers and mash! Yum!

The macros for 5 sausages are:

127 Cals

2.8g Fat

1.8g Carbs

22.4g Protein

chicken heck sausages

Tesco Venison Burgers

One of my favourite dinners! Even if you don’t have them in a bun they are great with a salad and in my opinion, taste even better than beef burgers.

Per container (x2 burgers) the macros are:

300 Cals

8g Fat

12.4g Carbs

43.8g Protein

Venison burgers

Skyr Yogurt

I swap between these and FAGE Total Greek yogurt but when you want something sweet then grab one of these! Low fat and high protein! Based on my favourite flavor which is Mixed Berry. The macros are:

114 Cals

0.3g Fat

12g Carbs

14.1g Protein

skyr yogurt

Monin Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup

If you like a Starbucks or a Costa but don’t want all those extra calories then this sugar free syrup can really help jazz up your low calorie Americano. You can also add to porridge to give a burst of sweetness!

Based on 20ml:

1 Calorie

0g Fat

5g Carbs

0g Protein

Monin Syrup

Options Hot Chocolate Sachets

Some people don’t like tea or coffee and as the Winter nights arrive it’s nice to have something warm to drink when you’re curled up on the sofa. Alternately, you can mix half a sachet of your favourite flavour into a 170g FAGE Total Yogurt for a mousse like pudding!

One 11g sachet of sweet popcorn flavour:

39 Cals

0.9g Fat

5.4g Carbs

1.3g Protein

Options hot chocolate

So there you have my top 5 which you can buy in all good supermarkets in your weekly shop rather than resorting to looking for online alternatives. Enjoy!


Sinead Bailey – Online Nutrition Coach & Elite Coach





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