Top tips for waking up in the morning

When i first started out on my journey one of the hardest things i found was waking up early to get my morning exercise in. Even now, there are days when i hit snooze a few times – however, 9/10 i actually now wake up naturally without my alarm. This morning in fact, i woke up, went to the toilet and as i returned to my room to get dressed my alarm was going off…

There are MANY reasons as to why this is now easy for me and there are a few added tips i can suggest to help you get into this routine….

First things first…. nutrition, nutrition and nutrition! Without your body getting the right food in its system, then your hormones are going to be less aligned/optimised and therefore your sleeping pattern will be disrupted. I could write a whole article on that alone, however this one is for tips outside of nutrition. So assuming you have got your diet nailed down, yet still struggle to wake up, here are some tips that i find very helpful: –

  • A good nights sleep starts before you get into bed

    1. Many people these days watch TV before they go to bed, or they sit on their laptop. This causes you to take in a lot of bright light prior to you actually getting into bed. The bright lights and sounds from these devices keeps our brain active and stimulated, meaning that when your head hits the pillow, its still wide awake. Having a good nights sleep will mean you can wake up easier the following day.Have a good 30-45mins before you hit the sack where there is no light or visual/audio stimulation. This will allow your brain to wind down and let you slip off into a good sleep easier.


    • Take a long bath before bed
    • Do some light kitchen cleaning
    • Go to bed early with your partner and have some “couple” time…maybe turn the lights off though 😉
    • Use a LUMIE LAMP

      1. If you haven’t heard of a LUMIE LAMP or a SAD LAMP before, then you’re missing out. These things are amazing. I’ve used one for years and particularly in the winter they help me wake up much easier. The idea here is that you don’t use a noise to wake you up. The lamp acts as a sun rise simulator and gradually gets brighter and brighter depending on what time you want to wake up. Before you know it, your whole room is filled with light – just like a summers morning when the sun comes up. These really do help you wake up naturally and in the winter times they are especially useful if you are getting up before 8am/sunrise.They can be, however, quite expensive. They range from £50-£200 depending on the brand/quality. It is, however, money well spent and i assure you wont regret spending that money.
    • Put your alarm on the opposite side of the room


      1. If you don’t have a LUMIE LAMP, or cant afford one, then here is a simple trick to get you standing up out of bed first thing. Set your alarm and place it at the other side of the room so you HAVE to stand up to turn it off. Put it on full volume too so you cant just hide away under a pillow from it.75% of the struggle of getting out of bed is actually physically getting out of bed. This way you are forced to get up and out of bed – so as long as you can stop yourself from getting back into bed… you’re sorted. This technique is especially useful if you have a partner that doesn’t have to get up at the same time as you… therefore you are bound to get up quicker to save some agro 😉
    • If none of the above works, here is an extremely inefficient way to get up… but works!

      1. This tip was given to me by a friend of mine. Its not efficient in ANY way, however it is functional…He sets up his heating to come on a hour before be wants to wake up and puts his heating on full power, so by the time he needs to get up his room is like a sauna and allows him to wake up. This also gets around the problem of staying in bed as its too cold….. like i said, not efficient or practical long term, but does work!

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     Top tips for waking up in the morning

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