The only thing we have to fear is fear itself


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

What a powerful quote…

A friend of mine asked me this weekend “how the f**k did you arrange a seminar for arguable two of the biggest fitness professionals in the world… must have been really daunting?”

The question made me smile and instantly recalled the above quote and also a quote from Will Smith

“I’m motivated by fear. I hate being scared to do something and i think what developed in my early years was the idea that i started attacking things that i was scared of…”

Again, another powerful quote and where am i going with all this?

People can be crippled by the idea to dream and achieve WHAT EVER THEY WANT TOO! Just the notion that you can achieve anything is scary isn’t it. It opens doors to endless possibilities and christ that is scary.

Let me recall a quick anecdote for you. When i was big, really big, i was looking at the front cover of a magazine (i forget which one) and Greg Plitt was standing there. I think it was the first time i saw him actually. Anyway, i turned to my ‘friend’ at the time and said “I’m going to be on the cover of one of these magazines one day…”

He laughed at me and replied “Of course mate, you can barely run to the end of the road, let alone workout hard enough to get on a mag”.

He’s no longer a friend, for various reasons, but i owe him a lot for that single comment. It literally changed my mindset and over the years to follow as i lost more and more weight i realised that i could achieve whatever the f**k i wanted too – i just had to do it. It really was that simple….

Some years fly past, i lose 50kg of fat and i get on the front cover of Mens Fitness. I now run the largest online coaching company in the UK and various other achievements i wont bore you with, but very proud of.

However, it was my MINDSET that changed. It was the idea that i can literally achieve ANYTHING i want to do and just do it. It may take time, effort and hard work, but there is NOTHING i cant and wont do if i want to now.

Back in February i made the decision that i wanted to host the best 2 day fitness pro seminar in the UK… so off i trotted and just made it happen. It was strategic, it took time (6 months so far), its going to take a shit load of work… BUT IM MAKING IT HAPPEN, BECAUSE I CAN. Its really is that simple.

A few months ago i floated the idea, to my business partner, that i wanted to create a clothing range with a serious USP and launch it this year…. he laughed and said “yeah right, like thats ever going to happen, the market is saturated with clothing already”

After he said it, he looked up and smiled… looked at me and said “oh christ… we’re going to do it now aren’t we?” HAHA! “Yes i replied, thanks for telling me i cant do something again” – it was a very amusing conversation and guess what, later this year i’ll be sharing some pretty cool stuff with you all. Something that is NEW, UNIQUE and NOTHING you have seen in the fitness clothing world to date…. that i promise you.
I wanted to share all this with you because YOU really can do ANYTHING that you want.

Let me reword it – Why CANT you do anything? Why CANT you be the prime minister if you REALLY wanted to? Why not? Give me 1 reason why and i’ll tell you a million reasons why you CAN and HOW you can do it….

I’ve always said this and i say it to many people – Treat life like a video game and everything you face in life is simply a new level to accomplish! Life really is THAT easy if you let it be.

So if you’re reading this and scared to do something, or think that you cant do something because someone said you cant… fucking get your head in the game and just do it. Put steps in place to just achieve it! You may stumble, you may fall, but just get back up and keep attacking at WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! I promise you, you will achieve it.

Know it, Feel it, Live it




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