There are a lot of articles on the internet telling you what you SHOULD do to try and lose weight/body fat, but time and time again I hear stories of what people try and do, but shouldn’t.

This article is aimed at people who have 15kg (over 2stone) or more to lose- men and women!



I’ve said this many times before, those who are largely overweight should NOT run until they have lost a lot of the stress they are carrying.

Every time we run, we force somewhere between 7 – 9 times our body weight through our ankles, knees and hips that then vibrate through out spine to our head. If you weigh about 100kg, then you can imagine this is close to a ton of pressure for every step. This is not good for your body…..yet!

There are loads of benefits to running! I sometimes go for the occasional run myself. It’s great for cardiovascular health, heart health, fitness, mental release, endorphins and the list goes on. However, if you’re largely overweight, running should be the last exercise on your list. So what should you do?

  • Cross trainer
  • Bike
  • Walking/hiking
  • Swimming
  • Hand bike

These are all going to be low joint stress activities that are able to burn the same calories with time. You’ll build up good strength with these that will allow you to eventually run much healthier, if that’s your goal.


There are very few supplements in this world that are good to take. There are some supplements that are beneficial and do us long term good, but these I can list on 1 hand.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion pound industry. It thrives on the desperate. It booms on the needy. It’s purely kept afloat by the obese. These are facts, and we need to understand why!

Fat burners, cleansing drinks, detox drinks, meal replacement shakes, acia berry tablets, ‘super foods’, fat blasters, carb blockers, fat blockers…. The list goes on! I haven’t even mentioned the vitamins and minerals that don’t work… Like tablet vitamin D/D3!

Many of the vitamins and minerals you buy in tablet form simply don’t work. The majority of them are what we call ‘fat soluble’ and this means they need to be attached to a fat to digest and be absorbed. For example, the tablet Vitamin D supplements you take simply don’t work. Nope, nothing… You just piss out the whole tablet. Only Liquid Vitamin D, that is combined with an oil or gel (made from an oil) will absorb efficiently within the body.

You should simply stop looking for that magic pill that is going to attempt to undo 5, 10 or even 20 years poor nutritional intake. They don’t work!

“But Dan, there are so many fat burners and supplements like that, you must be wrong, all these companies must be right and know something you don’t!”

Unfortunately, the sad reality is they are misleading the public and preying on the mindset of people that believe sentences just like that.

Which supplements are beneficial to take: –

  • Liquid Vitamin D
  • Omega3 Fish Oils
  • Whey Protein
  • BCAAs (if your daily protein intake is poor)
  • Melatonin
  • Zinc & magnesium

That’s it, and even the last one (Zinc and Magnesium) most won’t need assuming they can amend their diet correctly.


This is a big one in my opinion. Time and time again I will see people go on a ‘health kick’ and start a new possitive mindset journey. This is awesome and great to see, however the first few things they do is remove all “naughty food”, start running and take supplements they don’t need….see above 🙂

Putting trans fats to one side, there is no such thing as “naughty food”. All food the body can digest, absorb and utilise in a good way. The body has an amazing way of shuffling through macro nutrients and using the carbs, fats and proteins to good use. It would be a pretty terrible evolutionary outcome if we didn’t absorb all food.

So pizzas, sweets, chocolate, burgers, ice cream, cakes….. Etc….. ARE NOT UNHEALTHY! Their nutritional value may well vary compared to single food groups like vegetables, fruit, meat etc, however they are usually all made from a form of such foods and thus just a complex mix of many ingredients our body can absorb.

With that said, behaviour and habits are something we HAVE to be aware of when consuming such foods. Typically we are overweight from having many emotional issues and turning to food as a coping mechanism to fill a void we can’t fill currently. Trust me, I’ve been there….having personally been morbidly obese (143kg) I know what such emotions end up doing.

So, turning to such ‘naughty foods’ is something we are very used to doing when we feel low and upset. The reverse can be said if we look at it from another angle. If we feel fine, happy and contempt and then eat something we used to turn to when we were upset, then that food can then drag up emotions and cause us to binge and take a step back from out goals.

The foods aren’t unhealthy, it’s our emotional background and habits that are.

Removing everything that we desire is just going to cause us to consume more of them somewhere down the line.

We need to moderate the intake, combined with a majority lifestyle that is more defined as “healthy” with active exercise of some description. Having 80% good food in conjunction with 20% ‘naughty food’ will allow us to stay on track a lot easier, for longer, than a life of restriction.

We can’t go the rest of our lives without cake!


If I had a pound for every time I heard my clients say “I can’t do that Dan” and then within a short period of time I show them how they CAN, I’d be a very rich man! Maybe thats a new business model (lol).

The mind is an amazing thing. We often don’t give our own intelligence credit and very often feel that we are unloved, unworthy or useless. This is due to years and years of abuse from friends, family and strangers that over time has built up a self doubt mindset. Whether or not friends and family have meant to upset you or not, is irrelevant, such comments like “oh, you’re not that fat anymore”… They are false positives. They hurt!

You can literally achieve anything you set your mind too. It sounds vast. It sounds like another silly motivational pep talk, but I assure you it’s not.

If someone had told me 7 years ago that I would be on the front cover of magazines, running my own fitness company, competed in a body building show and now motivating others to change their lives, I’d have laughed at them. I would have laughed hard too!

However I was, like you, unmotivated, pissed off with the world and others because it looked easy if or everyone else. I was convinced i’d never change….but I did! There are millions of people like me who have also made a huge life change. Why do you think you are any different? Why do you think you can’t do anything you set your mind too? Why can’t you be happy, healthy and motive others too?

Fat loss takes time, yes. There’s not denying that. But time is an expense we all have to utilise. That’s the only thing that we all have in common…. At some point our time is going to run out. Be it next year, 10 years or hopefully in many many years to come. SO YOU HAVE TIME!


Find the right person who can motivate you. Find someone who can teach you about nutrition and training FOR YOUR GOALS! Don’t just follow the latest fitness models workout that is unachievable. Don’t just follow the latest celebrity diet because it worked for them…. I can promise you it won’t work for you! Find your own path…. Find your own direction and make that change.

I promise you it’s possible and I also promise you that you deserve it.

…all we do is change lives!

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