The harsh realities of competition dieting from my view point

I’ve been debating whether or not to post this, through fear that it would get misinterpreted by my clients or future clients, but i also feel its important to share the realities of certain aspects of the sport that we/I enjoy/do.

There are 3 types of living in my experience: –

  • Healthily living (maintenance)
  • Healthy Dieting (dropping body fat, which i coach/specialise in)
  • Competition dieting

The first 2 options are a way of life. They are lifestyle changes that lead to a better feeling of mortality. Depending on your goals and lifestyle, i cant rate either highly enough. When done correctly, you can maintain a fantastic lifestyle and neither put on or drop weight/fat/muscle. When done correctly, as i advise, you can easily and, more importantly, drop body fat healthily with minimal side affects – if any! Most of the time its almost always positive side effects from where a client is starting from.

(For all current clients or future clients, the below is NOT RELEVANT for you, so please do not be put off by it)

However…. the latter – Competition Dieting, is a whole new ball game and something i’m new too and dipping my toe in. It is what i am currently doing to get down to a BF% which is the lowest i’ve ever personally been, and a % that i need to be in to competitively achieve my initial goal of top 50 placement for FitFactor this year.

The reason for the post was to express just how extreme this form of dieting is and the side affects you can look to experience – such side effects i am currently going through, and it isn’t nice, are: –

– Lack of sleep/interruptive sleep

– Easily pick up colds/flu/infections

– Loss of Libido

– Tiered all the time

– Short tempered

– Lethargic

– Emotional over silly things

– Aches and pains in places you didn’t think you would get pain

– One minute you are on top of the world, the next you feel as low as the dirt on your shoe

– You feel you are alone

– Always cold

– Hungry as soon as you finish eating your meal

– Cravings like you wouldn’t believe, and even for the strangest of foods

The list does go on and anyone who is currently prepping for a competition i’m sure can relate to many, if not all, of those points. It’s not fun. Its not nice and at times i sit and stare at someone elses food and think “why the hell am i doing this?!?”

The answer is quite simple, yet hard for some people to understand!

“Because it is hard to do and very few people can do it!”

It’s the same reason why people run a marathon, or climb Everest or even do deep sea diving….. because only a handful of people can and would even attempt it.

Imagine this as a mental fuck up…. I KNOW FOR A FACT i wont win FitFactor, i KNOW FOR A FACT there are better physiques’ out there. This isn’t me having a lack of confidence (far from it – people who know me, know i’m probably the most confident person they know), this isn’t me looking for attention. This is me being REALISTIC in my current stage of my journey! These are the facts that i’m dealing with every day, yet i’m still progressing with this form of, what i can only call, torture.

That, my friend is a tough pill to swallow. Knowing that you’re doing all this, putting your body through all this stress and, quite frankly fucking it up, all to just take part in an event you wont win. lol Thinking about it, its quite ironically amusing.

For me, its a stepping stone. I wont win this one, but i might win the next! That is why i’m doing it… to say “yep, i did it once, i can fucking do it again and next time I’ll learn from any mistakes i’m currently making and come back bigger, leaner and more confident”

If you are thinking of competing and have a “fighters” attitude… then you will succeed! However, be prepared to go through hell without the prospect of seeing heaven!

So what is the benefit of doing this? To hold your head up and say you can do it and that you’ll have some fantastic photos at the end 😉

A bit of truthful reality for some of you – hope you appreciate it. BRING ON FITFACTOR! lol

Know it, Feel it, Live it

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