Before you started your Life Changing Fitness plan, how did you feel about yourself and your body?

The truth is that I had always dreamed of having a nice body, but all I was able to achieve was a thin skinny body result of “miracle” diets. I think I had tried them all… but I never combined with sport/exercise and/or asked for professional advise. When I looked in the mirror I always saw myself fat. It wasn’t creating any big complex to my personality,but it just didn’t allow to make me feel happy about it.

Why did you want to change your appearance?

I just wanted a healthy and good looking body. I thought that if other friends could achieve it, why couldn’t I? At the same time I came across your product when I was 37 y/o and I thought that I could make it a life personal goal before reaching 40.

What did you expect from the plan before you started?

I thought I would get good results after seeing the amazing transformation that you did yourself Daniel, but I never thought I would get where I am at the moment. Not only I have achieved an amazing transformation, but I have changed my lifestyle, eating habits and interest in exercise.

How has working with Life Changing Fitness changed your life?

As I said, I feel so much better with myself and in result, with everyone around me. I am excited to getting dressed every morning and choosing what to wear, everything seems to fit me perfectly. I am in a point in which I can’t stop now. I can’t wait for the time to go to the gym every day and see the results at the end of each session. I feel so healthy and light, agile, strong, fit…

Are you happy with your results and is there anything you would have changed/done better?

I am extremely happy with my results so far and with the fact that I know that this has just started. Every day I notice an improvement, it is just amazing!! I wouldn’t have done anything differently, everything was so well organised by you and your team. I really felt I was in good hands!

Did you find the support from Life Changing Fitness helped with your success?

Yes, definitely, The fact of having to send and share my results at the end of each week made me be more motivated and focused because I didn’t want to let myself down.

Lastly, would you recommend Life Changing Fitness to anyone else to achieve their goals?

With no doubt. I have actually talked to many people about it, when they ask how I managed to get where I am

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