Before you started your Life Changing Fitness plan, how did you feel about yourself and your body?

I felt that as hard as i was working i wasnt getting the progress in weight loss that i wanted and that was discouraging me from doing any more work

Why did you want to change your appearance?

To feel better about myself, more attractive to the opposite sex (actually now have a girlfriend!!) and to get fit for the endurance events i wanted to compete in this year.

What did you expect from the plan before you started?

I half expected it to be another “product” that is all talk and no action, i was pleasantly surprised to find it wasnt that at all

How has working with Life Changing Fitness changed your life?

Since the program i have accomplished personal bests in all my running and swimming distances, found a beautiful new girlfriend and had such a massive boost in self confidence when people i havnt seen for a couple of months are so shocked about how i look now.

Are you happy with your results and is there anything you would have changed/done better?

I am very happy with my results and if there is anything i would have done differently would have been to start it at a different time of the year as Nov/Dec is the busiest time for me.

Did you find the support from Life Changing Fitness helped with your success?

Certainly did, Daniel was great on twitter and gave perfect answers to all my questions.  Even after finishing the program i keep upto date with what Daniel is upto and trying out new programs he posts about

Lastly, would you recommend Life Changing Fitness to anyone else to achieve their goals?

I would 100% recommend it to everyone

*Results may vary from person to person


Since writing this testimonial, Justin has gone on to compete in a 10km run and achieve one of his years ambitions.

Justin Hutton

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