AFTER: 61.7 KG


Coached by Life Changing Fitness Head of Nutrition – Darren Farrell

Having lost 34kgs over a period of approximately 18 months mainly through cardio, my weight loss stalled and I found myself at a “healthy” weight but fundamentally “skinny fat”.

I had played around with weight training in the hope this would help me get leaner but although I saw some small changes, these were not as obvious as I would like for the amount of time and effort I was putting in. I really wanted to reduce by body fat and obtain a leaner physique so I started to consider personal training. However, as a mum of 3 money is in short supply and PT hourly charges seemed out of my reach. I’d also witnessed a number of PTs in the gym simply standing beside their client watching them walk on the treadmill. To me this seemed absurd. I began looking into an on-line coach as I have never felt the need to have somebody push me in the gym but I liked the idea of checking in with someone and having someone there to reassure me and answer any questions I may have had.

LCF was recommended to me by an acquaintance and upon contacting Dan I was immediately put at ease. A consultation was set up where we discussed my current lifestyle, goals and what I really wanted to achieve from taking an on-line coach. This was before any money had changed hands which I found amazing – most companies are only interested in dealing with you after they have received their fee. Following the consultation, Dan arranged for me to speak with Darren and again the consultation was thorough and Darren happy to answer the multitude of questions I had going round my head. On hanging up the call with Darren I was raring to get started.

The plan which Darren provided me with was comprehensive, tailored personally for me and easy to follow. He answered any initial questions I asked on anything that was unclear (tempo was all new to me), and although it was tricky to get my head around macros and how I could adjust my diet to hit them I found once I started it quickly became second nature to me. There were times along the way where I questioned some of Darren’s advice –I mean, how on earth could I reach my goal whilst eating peanut butter??? However, Darren was always there to reassure me and remind me to trust him and the process. There were also times when I fell off the wagon so to speak, but Darren encouraged me to pick myself back up and get back to the grind. Before having his support I would have let that one slip put me of course for good, but having him there encouraging me I found it much easier to turn it around.

Within a couple of weeks of starting the program, my weight started to drop and I began to lose CMs from all areas of my body. Over the course of 6 weeks I lost a total of 21cms from my measurements and almost 5kg in weight. My body shape changed noticeably and I felt stronger and leaner. People started to comment that I looked fitter which for me was the real confirmation that the changes I was making were paying dividends.

I would happily recommend LCF and Darren to anyone looking to make serious changes to their physique. It’s not easy and requires you to put the work in, but they equip you with the knowledge, tools and support to be successful. I’d like to thank Darren personally for his support and assistance on my journey and equipping me with the tools to continue to improve myself.

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