Anna Ironman Triathlete testimonial

…the hardest working athlete i’ve ever worked with!

I have been waiting months to post this testimonial and i’m thrilled to finally be able to do so.

Anna and I have been working with each other for just under a year. She approached me last year looking to improve her strength & performance for a big race she was aiming for in Summer 2014 – The Celtman Ironman race. Considered the hardest Ironman to do in the sport. Anna’s resume in the sport speaks for itself – having won countless county & national running, swimming and cycling races, she is a true endurance athlete.

Having met with Anna initially, it was clear that there was work to be done on a nutritional stand point and also some strength work to improve on. So we got to work and over the following months i witnessed Anna increase her caloric intake month on month, increase strength month on month and proud to say that her health & quality of life also improved significantly.

Over the months that we worked together, Anna’s resting heart rate improved so much that it now sits at under 50bpm. Her training time zones also improved, on average, by 15% across all zones. Which, anyone in the sport will know, is an incredible improvement in fitness.

I’m beyond proud to say that Anna not only completed the hardest Ironman of her life, but also came in 5th position. For those who don’t know, an Ironman is 3.8km swim, 202km bike ride and then a marathon to finish off. All of which take place in the Scottish mountains. Full race retails here.

I’ll let Anna finish off this testimonial in her own words below, but i’d like to take the opportunity to thank Anna for being the hardest working athlete i’ve had the pleasure of working with. Physically she is incredibly strong for her size, but Anna’s mental drive, passion and strength is what makes her incredible! There is NOTHING this woman cant do and i look forward to continuing to work with her further. She inspires me beyond words and i wish her nothing but more success in everything she does…

Anna’s Testimonial

I went to Dan because I moved jobs so had to stop my previous sessions with my old trainer in London.  His approach was revolutionary and the results speak for themselves.

I’ve swum. ran and cycled faster this year than ever before – my resting HR is lower and training zones higher.  Quite simply I can push myself harder for longer.

Yes Dan is built like superman and can push you harder in sessions than you ever knew you had capacity for but his key skill is that he LISTENS – he gives you his time – as much as you need – to really understand you and then builds on that as the relationship progresses.

So I never really felt like anything was difficult because all the changes that Dan made were incremental and tailored to me.  If you – like me – ever wondered why all those hours at the gym seemed to be doing nothing – then go to LifeChangingFitness – the clue is in the name!

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