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Well what a 12 week period that was in my life what the hell just happened. Did I just wake up from a dream or has this really happened.

So 18 months ago I started my journey at 125.8kg thinking I could be a lone wolf and get under 100kg all by myself. I got to 114kg after 14 months which was a good effort but it wasn’t good enough for me with the amount of time I was going to the gym. So that’s when I decided to email Life Changing Fitness.

So I was about to begin my journey with Life Changing Fitness at 114kg and what was I expecting from all this, to be honest I didn’t have a clue. Was I going to get under my goal weight of 100kg? Was I going to get ripped off? I live in Australia these guys live in the UK is this going to work?

From my first initial email Craig Dickinson made me feel welcome made me feel not to be ashamed of the body I was in and made me believe that I can change my appearance. Straight away I knew this was the right direction I was taking. I thought if the guy replying to my emails cared and responded positively and was taking an interest in me then my trainer has a challenge to top this guy.

Well along came Darren Farrell from Cork Ireland my new trainer/ nutritionist. I won’t beat around the bush with my summary of Darren this guy is a LEGEND. The weight program he put me on was amazing the nutrient plan he put in place was off the hook. But I must admit I did think to myself how the hell am I going to eat 4 meals a day and why have I got these rest days won’t eating this much and not training everyday make me put on weight. See I didn’t have a clue what I was doing prior to Darren. Without Darren the puzzle would be missing the central piece, the piece that brings the picture together. I will remember what you have done for me Darren and I will never ever forget. Myself and my family thank you from the bottom of my/our hearts.

My life now is so unbelievable than it was 18 months ago when I was overweight, depressed and contemplating suicide. I was fortunate enough to pick up a magazine while flying to work and read an article about a man who just happened to be Daniel Wheeler who a few years before was just like me “fat”, but the difference was that Daniel done something about it other than wishing, dreaming and blaming everyone else for being “fat” like I was doing. Geez my life was shit but I got off that plane and decided to man up and as a mate of mine would say “just have a crack” so that’s what I done. From the very beginning Daniel without you even realizing you where my inspiration to start getting my life back. I have become a better Dad and Husband and for that I am eternally grateful and I will never forget this not ever and I will pass it onto my children to let them know that there are people out there willing to help people regain their life and well being to bring people back from the dark shadows of depression and being overweight. The same as I said to Darren thanks mate you are the man who changed my life.

There has never been or ever will be excuses from me I put myself in this situation no one forced me to sign up to LCF. If it was a training day I trained didn’t matter if it was 4.30am or 4.30pm. Whatever the nutrition plan said to eat I ate nothing more nothing less, I couldn’t let excuses get in the way of my dream/goal well not this time anyway. Not once did I get home from work and say f’ it I will go tomorrow I am too tired today. When I got home I never sat my fat arse down I got changed and was in and out of the house within 10 minutes and then rode my pushy down to the gym. Never once did I complain to my wife or anyone about being too tired or being hungry. I got myself into this for a reason to make myself and my life better it was up to me to achieve my dreams/goals no one else, no excuses.

My family have always been supportive of this from the start. My 5 year old Son sometimes comes down and hangs with me while I work out and he wants to be like his Dadda when he grows up. He shows me his muscles every day and asks are his muscles getting bigger. My wife is preparing my meals for me, I never asked her she is just unbelievable never once has she complained about me going to the gym. What a support group I have and I am so glad they are also my family.

I like quotes I have reworded this one slightly  “for he today who sheds his sweat with me shall be my brother/sister” I think of this quote a lot when I am in the gym because I train alone but in my mind  Darren, Daniel and all the guys/gals from LCF are there with me. I know that sounds a bit stupid a bit fucking cringe worthy but it works for me and that’s how much you guys mean to me.

I almost forgot, well I ended up smashing my goal weight of 100kg and finished the 12 week program at 95.9kg a total loss of 18.1kg; it was the best money I have ever spent and the 15,000km distance didn’t ever factor into the result

So is this the end of the journey is it time to say enough is enough and I am happy where I am at and now I will just try and maintain what I have. The answer is like hell I have more goals to achieve more dreams to make reality and trust me all these goals and dreams will be achieved.


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