Lee Pickering

Lee has a story to tell. And it’s one which fits in perfectly with everything that LCF represents and actively does every day with every client. In 2009, Lee was a 22 stone, classed as morbidly obese and ate 2 takeaways a day. He was 21-years-old, just graduated from university with a BA Hons degree in English Language and was sporting an insane 52” waist and wearing 3XL tops.

He had an epiphany in July 2009 to change his life. Exactly a year later, he had lost an incredible 8-stone. Through sheer dedication, hard work and sacrifice, Lee managed to go from 22-stone to a healthy 14-stone. Still not satisfied with his body, Lee then decided to join the gym and begin the long and patient process of natural bodybuilding to “fix what I broke” during his obese days.

Having lost all the weight, himself, he spent a lot of time figuring out what actually works and what doesn’t. In the gym, learning and focused on a goal which he knew would take a long time to achieve. From looking 20 years older than he was and struggling to walk upstairs without sweating, to being featured in The Daily Mail with his transformation and becoming a successful personal trainer, it’s been an incredible journey. One which, inevitably, would cross paths with LCF’s Daniel Wheeler.

Fast forward to 2013 and the former two-takeaways-a-day-eater qualified as a personal trainer and changed his career to help others achieve their goals. Now, Lee works at Life Changing Fitness alongside Dan. It’s the perfect match. With an astonishing 16-stone loss between them, it’s fair to say Lee and Dan’s transformations run parallel with each other.

So, aside from Lee’s experience in the fitness industry, knowledge and passion for what he does, clients will benefit hugely from Lee’s journey, empathy and personality. All Lee wants to do is help others change their lives like he did. His ability to connect with a client’s personality and motivation is what will ultimately achieve this. Having been there and done it, there aren’t that many coaches who can truly understand the struggle of being overweight and unhappy.

If you’re looking for someone who ‘gets it’, Lee is your man. The first step is always the hardest, but Lee insists if he can do it, so can you. He was never the sporty kid at school; he wasn’t blessed with a naturally lean physique. Everything Lee has transformed over the years has come through sheer, stubborn determination and nothing else. Every single day. Turning up with a mindset to change. He has a saying which he uses to motivate and keep his own and clients’ goals fresh: #GameTime. And that’s what it’s all about: setting goals and keeping focused and positive. Trusting the process.

With Lee in your corner, anything is achievable.



Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructor

BA Hons English Language with Creative Writing