Kirstie Riddle – Account Director

Kirstie has always been very interested in sports and after progressing through her different levels in ballet, she started to learn other dance styles, but also introduce a broader variety of sports, such as athletics, and in particular the 100m sprit and gym work.  More recently in the last three years, she has also become interested in weight lifting.

She is committed to maintaining her fitness level and as an Account Director for Life Changing Fitness she wants to encourage more people, particularly women to get involved in improving their fitness.  She feels it is important not to be afraid of the gym as a woman and that they too can do weight training without fear of ridicule.

There is a pre-conception that weights are used to gain muscle mass, and many women are afraid that they will get bigger if they train with free weights. This is incorrect, and weights are a great way to tone up.  Kirstie has also found weight lifting to be an engrossing and fascinating aspect of her training.

Kirstie is a successful athlete and in little under two years she has become a proud sponsored athlete for SNN/I Love Protein Supplement Company, an ambassador for Skinny Chimp Gym wear and more recently a valued member of the team as an Account Director for Life Changing Fitness. She has taken part in some wonderful photo shoots and promotional events over the last year and a half and she is now concentrating on the preparation required to enter competitions.

She looks forward to working with you all, and to help achieving your health and fitness goals.