Daniel Wheeler – Director & Company Founder

Daniel is the charismatic Director and Founder of Life Changing Fitness. Daniel’s story is an inspirational one, and when you look at all the testimonials of Life Changing Fitness’ clients who have undergone the same transformation that Daniel has undergone, you can see that he offers a very simple recipe for success. There is no magic wand, Daniel just educated himself with the right knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise and within three years he changed himself and his life!

In April of 2010, Daniel weighed over 22 stone! He was unhealthy, unhappy and fed up with his life. He lacked confidence and found that his weight was affecting him in ways that he had not even anticipated. He set himself a huge goal, one which was unlikely and unrealistic, but Daniel is a determined person, and he set himself the challenge of appearing on the front cover of Men’s Fitness Magazine within three years.

Daniel got the education and knowledge he needed about health and fitness, and now with an organised and educated approach, he threw his heart and soul into putting that knowledge into practice and by 2012, he was down to 14 Stone. It wasn’t easy at first, but the knowledge he had gained in nutrition and training was the key to his weight loss and improvement in overall fitness.

In November 2012, Daniel achieved his goal. He achieved it sooner than the date he had given himself, and he was featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine UK, appearing on the front page. He didn’t just look slimmer and fitter, he looked AMAZING! Daniel also achieved ‘International Cover Model’ status when the Australian Men’s Fitness featured him as their headline cover image.

Daniel went on to set up Life Changing Fitness and develop the 100 Day Plan. He has built a fantastic team of Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers, some of whom were his original clients at the very start of the company, so that they can coach their own clients from personal experience of the Plan and subsequent transformation of their own bodies. Make sure you read about them on the website, their own stories are also inspirational.

Daniel’s belief is not in the ‘fast fix’, he believes that you have to have your long term aim, go brick by brick, day by day and eventually you will have built a solid and strong wall!  The same can be said of improving yourself. Nothing will happen in a day, but if you try to do your best every day, eventually you will succeed! Use other’s disbelief or negativity when they suggest you can’t do it, use it to power your own will to succeed.

His goal is to inspire all of you to do the same as he did. He doesn’t just coach you, he provides you with the nutritional and training knowledge that you need to meet your personal fitness goals and helps you to change your lives for the better, forever!


  • Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • National Cert in Sport & Exercise Science
  • Advanced Nutrition For Obesity & Weight Management